Devoto Design 2024: a year full of challenges and exciting projects

Devoto Design 2024: we’re ready! The new year is behind the corner, so we decided to thank you all for having followed us so far by going through some of the articles we have shared this year. We also want to wish a happy new year to all of you. 


OUR FAVOURITE PROJECT? Well, Devoto Design itself, the “Project among the projects”! Devoto Design is a laboratory where solutions, ideas, materials and emotions are crafted. We turn ideas into reality. And it is a project in the making that changes and evolves according to the challenges that we are called to face every day… (Cecilia and Marianna Devoto, CEO and CCO at Devoto Design)

From “resilience” to “presence”

2023 started with a new birth that we shared through the postcards from our projects around the world, the best way to talk about the way we give importance to team work:

We believe that “No company is an island”… and this motto is strictly connected to the way we conceive team work..  



Hotellerie and Interior Contract: the re-birth of the eternal city

Talking about new births, we then dedicated an article to Devoto’s hotel projects in Rome. Here’s what Marianna – our Sales Director – said about it:

We’re thrilled to be part of the re-birth of Rome and the beauty of such an incredible city. We are proud of playing our little part in this new important era for tourism.. 


For what concerns the realization of Interior contract projects we also shared:

Then we talked about our tried-and-tested work process that helped us deliver some freestanding custom furniture in no time!


We also shared a couple of  turnkey design projects such as Caviar Milan and its challenge to turn an e-commerce website into a real shop.

Between Art and Architecture

2023 has also flirted with art. We had the chance to take part to important and prestigious design events:

  • for the London Design Biennale we created a wooden stool designed by our friends Milktrain for the House of Artisans (Abu Dhabi),
  • for the Lake Como Design Festival we created an original set of furniture called Folia, designed by our friends at Studio Naessi

And last but not laeast another project we have developed this year:

  • the acoustic and electric guitars we developed and realized with our friend  adn musician Massimo Carturan, who answered our questions and told averything about how a guitar is made


Prizes & Acknowledgements

2023 has also been the year of the prestigious prize Premio Export Italia! Not only that: our Marina Manfrin got the “Best Export Manager” prize too. We’re really proud of you!

Hit the link to watch a short video of the award ceremony night:


At the Devoto school

We’re also keeping up with our educational programs together with local schools and institutions:

Our idea is that of giving the students an “on the job” training. A different way to learn and practise the real skills.. 


Our goodbye to Paolo Portoghesi

On May 30th 2023 the architect and dear friend Paolo Portoghesi passed away. These are Claudio Devoto‘s words to remember him:

It was 1993 and I was 40. I met a great architect, a gentle man, careful about the details and with a clear vision of the project an its poetry.. 


Design is a serious game: the spot!

We shared the behind-the-scene video of the making of our company spot. We told the story behind it and also shared the fun we had while filming because – as we like to say – “Design is a serious game…”


The interview for Business24.TV

2023 ended with an interview to our Marianna for the Italina TV program “Pole Position” on channel Business24.TV, a great occasion to go through the story of our company, to share our past projects and future challenges:

Devoto Design was born out of to the creative genius of my father and the organizational skills of my mother. Today my sister and I are running the company with their same vision. A vision where technology, engineering, and know-how melt with craftsmanship. These two souls give birth to our unique projects. 


Thanks to everybody working at Devoto, our joiners and our professionals, and also our friends that share their projects with us. To them and to you all our best and most sincere wishes of a happy new year. 

Devoto Design 2024: we’re ready!

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