Marianna Devoto interviewed

Marianna Devoto interviewed by Pole Position on Business TV

Marianna Devoto interviewed by Denny Mendez for the Italian TV program on Business TV “Pole Position”, a focus on the successful stories of Italian entrepreneurs..  


To talk about the stories and the projects of Devoto Design it was Marianna Devoto (CCO  and Sales Marketing Director) who went through the company origins, the main awards such as the  Premio Export Italia 2023 and revealed something about the future.


DEVOTO DESIGN DEALS WITH design, engineering and manufacturing of bespoke interiors. We are an Interior Contractor and we work in Italy as well as abroad delivering custom interiors for hotels, luxury residential projects and what we call the “special projects” such as theatres, museums, auditoriums and so on. Like lots of companies in Italy we are a family-run company. 

Devoto Design in “Pole Position”

During the interview Marianna went through the most representative projects delivered so far. Starting from the “artist apartments” with the well-known architect Jean Nouvel, and ending up with the wooden canyon of the Gift Shop inside the Qatar National Museum in Doha designed by Koichi Takada Architects.

A company that works on an international level with ongoing projects in the USA and in Qatar, never forgetting its origins characterized by craftmanship, family business and the original vision of its founders:

DEVOTO was born thanks to the genius of my father and the organizational skills of my mother.. Today my sister ad I run the company with the same vision they had. A vision where technology and engineering melt with craftsmanship and know-how. These two souls give birth to our unique projects! 

Marianna Devoto interviewed: watch the video

Here you can watch the interview to Marianna Devoto by Denny Mendez, host of the Italian TV broadcast Pole Position. The video has English subtitles:

MY SWEETHEART PROJECT? Devoto Design itself. The project among the projects. A lab where ideas, solutions, materials and emotions are crafted every day.. 



“Pole Position” is an Italian broadcast by BusinessTV, a focus on the successful stories of Italian enterprises. Every Wednesday at 20.40 on channel 824 on Sky, channel 410 on national cable and channel 422 on Tivùsat.

Visit the official website: Pole Position (Business TV)

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