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Our favourite Devoto project? Check everyone’s out!

There is a project that is the best of them all, but it’s not actually a hotel, private residence, a restaurant, museum or Elisabethiam theatre..    This year we want to celebrate love by asking Devoto people what their sweetheart projects are, the project they have loved the most since their arrival at Devoto. At […]

Residential contract projects: the point of view of our professionals

Residential contract projects: What’s behind a residential interior contract project? How important is the relationship with the client? What does bulding and furnishing a private house mean and how much do emotions get involved? What does “customization” mean for the client and the professionals working on the project?    How different is a residential project […]

Marianna Devoto interviewed by Pole Position on Business TV

Marianna Devoto interviewed by Denny Mendez for the Italian TV program on Business TV “Pole Position”, a focus on the successful stories of Italian entrepreneurs..     To talk about the stories and the projects of Devoto Design it was Marianna Devoto (CCO  and Sales Marketing Director) who went through the company origins, the main awards […]

Luxury hotel interior fit-out: craftsmanship and technology…

Luxury hotel Interior Fit-out: when craftsmanship, technology, parametric design and materials of different nature perfectly mix up and give birth to a prestigious project…   In one of the most famous neighbourhoods of Rome we can find a luxury hotel designed by the London-based Zaha Hadid Architects. For this project Devoto Design is currently delivering the […]

FOLIA at Lake Como Design Festival: Devoto Design + Naessi

FOLIA at Lake Como Design Festival 2023. Friends before collaborators, Studio Naessi involved Devoto Design in the development of an original collection of sustainable furniture that we’re exciting to show you today.     Technically, well knowing the capabilities of Devoto Design, we decided to enhance both the use of the curving techniques and the […]