Devoto Consulting

  1. Technical and economic feasibility study
  2. Mock-up and samples
  3. Value engineering for complex projects
  4. Drafting of BOQ

Devoto Designing

  1. Interior concept design
  2. Development of layout, renders, samples and mock-ups
  3. Naming and Brand Identity (design of name, pay off, logo, corporate image and signage)
  4. Development of a Franchising Format including the Technical handbook and the standardization of space, material and dimensional requisites of all furnishings

Devoto Engineering

  1. 3D survey
  2. 3D parametric design of loose and fixed furniture with SolidWorks
  3. Complex algorithmic design with Rhino and Grasshopper
  4. Drafting of IFC Drawings and Shop drawings
  5. Development of complex BIM projects
  6. Architectural design, MEP, acoustics and lighting system design
  7. Drafting of detailed BOQ

Devoto Project Management Consulting (Pmc)

  1. Management of all project steps in full accordance to time, cost and quality requisites
  2. Risk management
  3. Sustainable procurement
  4. Quality supervision
  5. Drafting of site management documents
  6. Supervision of all manufacturing steps and dedicated reports
  7. Site management until the hand over

Devoto Manufacturing

  1. Manufacture and installation of bespoke interiors
  2. International logistics and transport
  3. 3- and 5-axis CNC centers
  4. In-house painting and finishing booths
  5. In-house solid surface vacuum-shaping centers

Devoto Contracting

  1. Delivery of bespoke Interiors (woodworks, upholstery works, marble works, solid surfaces, metal works, glass works), commercial items, interior construction works and MEP