Devoto Consulting

  1. Technical and economic feasibility study
    We analyze the project and identify the possible construction problems and suggest improvement form the economical point of view.
  2. Mock-up and samples
    Through the manufacture of small prototypes and mock-ups we can show the client our construction solutions
  3. Value engineering for complex projects
    When dealing with complex projects and complicated construction processes, we develop our alternative maintaining the same functions and quality
  4. Drafting of BOQ
    The success of a project starts with a complete and detailed BOQ that leaves nothing to the interpretation of the requisite

Devoto Designing

  1. Interior concept design
    We listen to your needs and ideas and turn them into a concept design
  2. Development of layout, renders, samples and mock-ups
    All the quality and quantity characteristics of the project are defined and outlined with the preliminary project
  3. Naming and Brand Identity (design of name, pay off, logo, corporate image and signage)
    Our image consultancy service does not finish with the interior design project – we can also take care of the creation of a detailed and defined brand identity
  4. Development of a Franchising Format including the Technical handbook and the standardization of space, material and dimensional requisites of all furnishings
    If you wish to make your format replicable, we can give you the necessary information to develop your franchising

Devoto Engineering

  1. 3D survey
    Our technical team personally runs the 3D survey that is necessary to start drawing
  2. 3D parametric design of loose and fixed furniture with SolidWorks
    We use the Solid Works technology for the parametric design of the furnishings, taking care of all details
  3. Complex algorithmic design with Rhino and Grasshopper
    We master the 3D modeling to develop and manufacture complex surfaces
  4. Drafting of IFC Drawings and Shop drawings
    We can reach the detail level that the client requires
  5. Development of complex BIM projects
    We can manage the integration of the furnishings into space
  6. Architectural design, MEP, acoustics and lighting system design
    For turnkey projects we can design the MEP suystems as well as study the necessary acoustic performance
  7. Drafting of detailed BOQ
    We draft a detailed description of all furnishing items, giving information about materials and installation

Devoto Project Management Consulting (Pmc)

  1. Management of all project steps in full accordance to time, cost and quality requisites
    We make sure that the project requisites are followed during all the steps of the project
  2. Risk management
    The experience and training of our project managers help them manage and prevent risks
  3. Sustainable procurement
    Devoto Design is FSC certified and uses raw materials and components with low environment impact
  4. Quality supervision
    A constant supervision of all works and supplies can make sure the required quality is met
  5. Drafting of site management documents
    We personally take care of drafting all the necessary site paperwork in full respect of the regulation in force
  6. Supervision of all manufacturing steps and dedicated reports
    The client is involved and informed about the progress of works and about the development of the project
  7. Site management until the hand over
    From the survey to the site handover, our project managers take care of all the steps of the project

Devoto Manufacturing

  1. Manufacture and installation of bespoke interiors
    Wood, metal, stone, glass, upholstery: we take care of all the custom works of the project
  2. International logistics and transport
    Ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world, we can deal with international logistics and transport worldwide
  3. 3- and 5-axis CNC centers
    We are among the first companies to have purchased 3-axis and 5-axis CNC centers for the manufacture of complex surfaces
  4. In-house painting and finishing booths
    All the furnishings are painted and finished in-house, where we installed a dedicated center
  5. In-house solid surface vacuum-shaping centers
    Particularly fascinated by the characteristics of this material, we have our in-house vacuum- shaping center where we work it

Devoto Contracting

  1. Delivery of bespoke Interiors (woodworks, upholstery works, marble works, solid surfaces, metal works, glass works), commercial items, interior construction works and MEP
    The importance of having only one player in the management and delivery of all furnishing elements means that consistency and harmony of the project is granted.