At the client’s service

All project managers at Devoto Design are certified by the Italian Project Management Institution (ISIPM) and have had a specific academic training.

Their role is that of accompanying the client during the operative step of the project. Their training and experience help them have an efficient risk management and supervision of quality, budget and time requisites that the client identified.

Every project is made of details and steps. Project managers supervise all the in-house activities, all the custom works as well as the procurement and purchase of commercial items and the installation works on site.

They are the company interface for the clients, keeping them constantly updated about the project developments form the start to the site handover. Clients can always count on them and on the good result they always deliver, in full respect of the expected time and quality.

Devoto Design project manager site survey
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Project Management Consulting

Management of all project steps in full accordance to time, cost and quality requisites

We make sure that the project requisites are followed during all the steps of the project


Risk management

The experience and training of our project managers help them manage and prevent risks


Sustainable procurement

Devoto Design is FSC certified and uses raw materials and components with low environment impact


Quality supervision

A constant supervision of all works and supplies can make sure the required quality is met


Drafting of site management documents

We personally take care of drafting all the necessary site paperwork in full respect of the regulation in force


Supervision of all manufacturing steps and dedicated reports

The client is involved and informed about the progress of works and about the development of the project


Site management until the hand over

From the survey to the site handover, our project managers take care of all the steps of the project

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