CitizenM Rome: the new Dutch hotel in Trastevere is now open

CitizenM Rome Lungotevere de’ Cenci: the first Italian hotel by the Dutch affordable luxury hotel chain is now open. The iconic 6-floors 1950s building has come to a new life, it has been dressed up and now offers a surface of about 7.000 square meters where it is possible to find a wide range of services. The panoramic roof terrace enriches the experience making it unique and unforgettable.



Among the projects we have delivered this year we find the CitizenM Rome, the iconic urban hotel by the successful Dutch hotel chain.


“BEING INVOLVED IN A PROJECT WITH SUCH AN INTERNATIONAL SOUL has been genuinely exciting and galvanizing for us. It felt like working abroad but in our city Rome. We look forward to working on other CitizenM projects in the future.. (Marina Manfrin, Sales Export Manager at Devoto Design)

“Hotels for the wise, not the wealthy”

The CitizenM motto is “hotels for the wise, not the wealthy” and perfectly sums up the idea of an “affordable and sustainable luxury hotel” that marks these amazing and iconic hotels that can be found in all the capitals of the world.

CitizenM Rome hotel is conceived for a mixed target of customers: tourists, visitors but also all those people that look for an international kind of experience. The CitizenM is not only an hotel but a place for those who need a place for meetings, conferences and just a little relax.

Design, technology and comfort: the public areas fitting

For the CitizenM Devoto Design engineered, manufactured and delivered the public areas both on the ground floor and on the roof top. Among the others we delivered:

  • RECEPTION: an innovative desk with self check in
  • BAR and BAKERY: all the furnishings that make up the bar and the self service bakery area
  • RESTAURANT and Rooftop bar

Not to mention one of the most iconic elements that represent the hotel chain: the Iconic Bench, the long seat that can be found in the Lounge.

CitizenM Rome: the first hotel in Italy

CitizenM Rome is located in via Lungotevere de’ Cenci and it is the first hotel the Dutch chain has opened in Italy. Before we started working on this project, we had the chance to visit one of the CitizenM hotels in Paris. It goes without saying that it’s been highly useful to understand the client’s desiderata and the level of quality and details the client wanted.

During the visit our team met some members of the CitizenM team: we were impressed by the kindness, creativity and attitude towards the future of such young and smart professionals.

A “Nordic” style with minimalist lines

Back in Italy the client commissioned a mock up of some of the most complex and iconic furnishings. Specifically, we produced some portions of the Iconic Bench and the Bar counter. Once we settled all the details and agreed on the level of performance, Devoto started with the engineering of all the public areas furnishings.

The level of customization of the furnishings, strongly tailored to the millimeter of the different areas, our engineering and joinery staff had to work hard to make sure everything was perfect.

Identifiable and identifying, the style of the public areas furnishings is contemporary and “urban“. The choice of materials such as wood, stones, and eco-friendly fabrics is determined by the the importance of topics such as sustainability and green that the hotel chian strongly believes in, without undermining comfort and functionality. 


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