Devoto Hotellerie: our projects within the rebirth of Rome

Devoto Hotellerie and Hospitality: today we’ll talk about some projects we are currently taking care of in the eternal city.


We are thrilled and honoured to be part of this important upturn moment and to keep working on exciting projects in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

From rebirth to growth: tourism has revived

In the last few months we have started to travel again and to visit cities and cultural places in total safety again. The number of hotel reservations has reached the pre-pandemic levels. And in this scenario Rome is the protagonist of what we can call a “rebirth”. And the opportunities that the real estate has been given lately were the topic of a recent event promoted by the paper Ilsole24ore and Colliers: “Investing in Rome. The new reinassance of the capital city”. (read the article below)

The tourism industry is getting ready not only to reach the pre-pandemic levels but to increase its profit of 30%” (from Ilsole24ore “Turismo, il 2023 si preannuncia ai livelli pre-pandemia”).

WE FEEL ATTACHED TO ROME, it is our city. That’s why we are glad to be part of the rebirth and beauty of this wonderful city and proud to make our little contribution to this moment that is so positive for tourism (Marianna Devoto, Architect & Sales Director)

Devoto Hotellerie and Hospitality in Rome: our projects

In this exciting context Devoto Design is working on different hotel projects around the city:

  • HOTEL ROMEO, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects where we are delivering the public areas
  • A 5-STARS HOTEL in via delle Botteghe Oscure, for which we are furnishing both the public areas and the bedrooms
  • CITIZEN M HOTEL on Lungotevere de’ Cenci. We are delivering the public areas here too
  • HOLIDAY APARTMENTS: a sort of a scattered hotel for which we are offering our Interior Contract service

WITH DEVOTO DESIGN THE CLIENT has a single point of contact to rely on. For the Hospitality projects – for instance – our flexible structure can be adapted to the needs of the single project and our methodology puts the project manager at the centre to handle all the activitities concerning manufacturing, design, logistics, procurement and installation.  (Cecilia Devoto, CEO)


The “great beauty” for Rome and Devoto

Rome will be at the centre of a cultural rebirth too in the next few years:  the Science Museum and the extension of the MAXXI Museum are planned to happen in the next years, just to mention a few. And then there is the 2025 Jubilee that will bring along some changes and investments too. We hope we can be part of this rebirth too!

The beauty of Rome is in our eyes and in our heart. The places of this wonderful and immortal city are the access doors to a journey towards always new cultures, suggestions and inspiration.

That’s why we keep focusing on the goal that has always guided us and represented our highest vocation: making beauty accessible to people thanks to the creation and fitting of spaces and places.


Devoto Hospitality & Interior Contract: a magic formula

The world of hospitality is complex and fascinating at the same time. Exciting for a company like Devoto Design that deals with interior contract projects.

In more than 40 years of experience we have furnished and delivered more than 40 hotel, hundreds of restaurants, shops and  boutiques taking care of:

  • supply of accessories such as beds, minibars and bathroom accessories
  • WALL and FLOOR finishes: paint and resin
  • CLADDINGS: wainscoti9ng, carpet, wallpaper
  • LIGHTING FIXTURES such as lamps and chandeliers


WHAT DOES HOTELLERIE MEAN TO US? It means integration of materials, management of collaborators and suppliers. It means site life. It is a race against time to make everything fit and meet the dead lines. It is a world we love, and our skills in project management and problem-solving make us a reliable partner for a 360° interior contract service.   (Marianna Devoto, Architect & Sales Director)


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