Devoto Team Working: the postcards from our last trips

Devoto Team Working. Today we’ll show you the postcards from our last trips and we’ll tell you why we believe that “No company is an island” and what this has to do with team working as we know it.

Devoto Team Working

The poet John Donne wrote in one of his best-known poems: “No man is an island”. Well, after these years of sanitary emergency, we believe that the same can be said about companies: “No company is an island“.

Technology, text messages, and video calls have made communication a lot easier and more “fluid”, immediate. This is true for what concerns work too, but of course technology is not able to replace or integrate the complexity of human relationship. This is the reason why we feel the need to travel and meet our clients and partners. To establish a sympathetic connection with them from the very first steps of the project.

Devoto Team Working: why it is important to “feel the site”

Meeting people, being there, getting ready.. it is essential for us to establish a connection with the client but also with the site. During the pandemic we empowered the technological side of this vital need.

From resilience to presence

We were able to remotely supervise some of our site works and installation works doing the best we could to replace the presence of our project managers, but as soon as it was possible to travel again, we didn’t lose time and set off.

In short, we have made the most of our ability to adapt and fostered the resilience of our work processes to face the complicated period of restrictions (necessary to safeguard everybody’s health) but as soon as it was possible, we took all the necessary precautions and packed, ready to go to site again.

Here are the postcards from some of the places we visited last year, hoping this is only the beginning of a new interconnected future without restrictions:

March: Greetings from Paris

We went to Paris to meet the management of a well-known hotel chain.

June: Hello from Doha

We went back to the Middle-east to visit our clients in Qatar who we delivered some amazing projects in the last five years with. We also went to Saudi Arabia to start a new adventure and sign an important partnership… we’ll tell you more in the future!

August: Hi there from Switzerland

We finally met an important client of ours we had never had the chance to meet in person before. Together we discussed some luxury projects we have in pipeline.

October: Greetings from Ethiopia

It was great to be back in Ethiopia. During the pandemic we remotely supervised the the installation works of an important project we mentioned before: the Ministry of Finance in Addis Ababa.

This time, for the brand new project we are taking care at the moment (the National Bank of Ethiopia), we have been able to visit the site. Run the survey, meet the designers and the client to share and discuss the last details. We lived the site together and breathed it in, and we felt its atmosphere with all our senses – something you can’t do through a webcam or a phone screen.

We also had the chance to meet the local company that helped us during the installation works at the Ministry of Finance. And that will also help us for the new National Bank project. we discussed and share plans, programmes and we solved problems and found new solutions together.

It is a lot easier for us to know that we can personally execute the installation works this time and that, in case of emergency, it is always possible to hop on a plane and reach the site.

We want to touch our works!

Always been obsessed with everything that concerns the site and with the human nature of the relationship with our clients and partners, we are confident that it will be possible to move and travel freely in the future, because it is through meeting and sharing that we can reach growth and innovation.

Do you know what’s the goal fo our tireless project managers everytime they start working on a new project? That of creating an integrated Devoto team work.

THIS IS THE “KEY” for the realization and success of every single project we work on. In the travel, the strength. Because like Henry Ford once said: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” (Marina Manfrin, export sales manager).

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