Devoto Design 2022: Le parole che porteremo con noi nell'anno che verrà

Devoto Design 2022: The words we’ll take with us into the upcoming year

DEVOTO DESIGN 2022 will be the year of great collaborations, great projects and the consolidation of our business relationships and beyond…


2021 was a positive year for Devoto Design. We achieved our business goals by working on exciting projects with our team and our thanks go out to them.

The year 2020 had interrupted a path of growth and had placed us, along with many other companies, before unprecedented challenges. The uncertainty of the market for raw materials and the difficulty of finding them, the daily variations in costs, the worry of a pandemic far from being eradicated.

We did not surrender to difficulties

We remained close to our clients and our collaborators, we continued to work – even if from a distance and at a distance – on international projects with the same commitment, even when it was not possible to predict with certainty even the date of their launch.

Despite transportation restrictions and difficulties, we were able to keep our direct export channel open with the United States and the Middle East, thus completing luxury residential projects on the other side of the world.

DEVELOPING A PROJECT WITH US IS AN EXPERIENCE… an experience in which we love to involve collaborators, customers and suppliers every time. An experience in which we offer all of our professionalism, knowledge and… enthusiasm! We like to imagine that the clients we accompany keep positive memories and feelings about us. We hope that they see us as people with young and dynamic minds, always ready to make their projects unique and unforgettable. People able to face with joy, competence and a touch of irony even the most complex challenges…   (Marianna Devoto, Architect & Sales Director)

We have acquired new knowledge

New communication tools, new ways of working. And we are happy to have invested once again in our collaborators, expanding our staff to accompany a new process of international growth, with the awareness that only thanks to a good working team are we able to face any challenge..

BECAUSE OUR COMPANY PRODUCES QUALITY… quality in relationships, in communication, in the images we give to the outside world, in drawings, in samples, in documents, in manufactures, in finishes, in purchases, in relationships with subcontractors, in ordering and storage, in transport, in reception, in emails… in everything we do, we make sure we do our best!  (Marianna Devoto, Architect & Sales Director)

Devoto Design 2022: Ready for the year ahead

Among the works that we will certainly remember from this unusual year we must mention the Workshop and the Bookshop at the Rome Convention Center “La Nuvola“, but also the Hotel Romeo and the House “Y”, just to mention the most recent ones.


To our employees, our partners, our customers, our friends and all those who show us trust and affection we wish to spend the holidays peacefully and to bring in 2022, the three words that most of all have made 2021 a pleasant year to remember.

Here you will find ours…

MARIANNA DEVOTO (Architect & Sales Director): “2021 closes a cycle of development and structuring of our company and of its working methodologies. We have had the opportunity to focus on our target markets, we have become aware of who we are, what we want and where we can go. We have “tested” the machine and, now, it is ready to go. The year 2022 will mark, therefore, only the beginning of a new path of growth…”

THE THREE WORDS I take with me into 2022? They are “Strategy,” “Growth” and “Value.”


CECILIA DEVOTO (CEO): “2022 will be the year of consolidation, of confirmation of what the company has done. It will be an opportunity to reap what we sowed in 2021 for sure, but also to establish ourselves in the markets and sectors that have seen us as protagonists in recent years. It will be the year of great collaborations, great projects and consolidation of business relationships. We have been working on a strategy to be implemented over the next three years. We have set goals to prepare our company for growth and consolidation of our presence in our target markets.”

MY THREE WORDS? Here they are: “Methodology,” “Stubbornness,” and, of course, “Group.”

Best wishes to all from Devoto Design

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