Logistica allestimenti mostra UAE’s 50th National Day and Golden Jubilee Devoto Design

Exhibition logistics and fittings UAE’s 50th National Day and Golden Jubilee

Photographic exhibition logistics and fittings: “The Us and The UAE: a Photographic Journey”. Today we tell you about the realization of the fittings of this double event that took place simultaneously in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. An international event created primarily with the aim of celebrating the friendship between these two important federations. 

50th anniversary of the Golden Jubilee: the photo exhibition

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the relationship of cooperation and friendship between the US and the UAE, the “Golden Jubilee”, the well-known Foundation of the United Arab Emirates inaugurated a photographic exhibition entitled: “The Us and The UAE: a Photographic Journey”.

The uniqueness of this exhibition – from a realization point of view – is also of a logistic nature. This is because, as anticipated, the exhibition takes place simultaneously in two different countries: at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and at the Expo in Abu Dhabi.

As you can see from the official video presentation, the opening ceremony took place on December 2nd 2021, the day of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the United Arab Emirates that is December 2nd 1971.

Devoto Design created two commemorative installations for this project.

Watch the video of the event’s opening ceremony:

US and UAE exhibition logistics and fittings: 1 exhibition, 2 installations, 50 photographs

The collaborative relationship between the two confederations is celebrated through 50 significant photographs that narrate fifty years of friendship and international relations.

Exhibition therefore traces five decades of diplomatic and personal relations, focusing on five key areas of mutual interest: health, education, trade, innovation and culture.

THE PHOTOGRAPHS SELECTION OF is linked to a narrative type documentation that will tell a vibrant story of success and the vision of continued and joint prosperity.

Such introductory concepts give a sense of the importance and diplomatic significance of the project as a whole….

The Embassies of the two countries were responsible for the selection of the photographs, under the supervision of project curator Mrs Michel Babling for Meridian International, who was responsible for the storytelling development, the accompanying narrative text and the graphic release. We remind you that Meridian International (Washington, D.C.) is the nonprofit, nonpartisan diplomatic center that connects leaders through culture and collaboration with the goal of reaching appropriate solutions to provide meaningful responses to global challenges.

From design to module organization

Studio Milk Train, in the persons of the architects Barile, Borgia and Sanguigni designed the project at both architectural and executive level.

For each of the two installations, 6 modules have been designed. The particularity of these modules is found in their independence but – at the same time – in their intrinsic connection. How was this effect achieved? The modules, placed one after the other, take on a form similar to that of a train, or an interconnected centipede.

This effect is given by the metal trusses and bases that – as you can see – support the wooden elements. Each wooden element is equipped with opalescent doors that – if necessary – can open on the selected photos. Each photo is then placed inside the containing wooden structure.

Construction development and exhibition logistics and fittings

The stagecraft and logistics activities developed by the Devoto Design Team included the following:

  • ADAPTATION and constructive development of the elements
  • SUPPORT in the choice of materials
  • SUPPORT in the identification of final finishes
  • SCENIC POSITIONING of graphics and text printing techniques
  • ELECTRIFICATION of the lighting modules

One of the activities that certainly proved to be the most delicate, especially in these months of international emergency, was the care of the logistical process from our plants to the two locations where the exhibition would have taken place, at the same time.

Despite the difficulties of mobility imposed by current regulations, Devoto Design was able to carry out the set-up of the two exhibitions on time, thanks to its network of international professionals and collaborators, and to the organizational and supervisory skills of the team based at our Italian headquarters.


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