Best Parametric Engineering Company award: another achievement for Devoto

“Best Parametric Engineering & Construction Company”

Devoto Design has been awarded Best Parametric Engineering & Construction Company at the 6th edition of the 2021 BUILD awards.

IT IS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT FOR ALL OF US: something we directors as well as all the staff  is really proud of! We share with all our employees and workers the joy and satisfaction of the hard work and commitment that we put in what we do every day. This award gives us the strength to do even better. It is another reason to make us firmly believe in what we are and what we do..” (Cecilia Devoto – CEO)

Our company was awarded at the sixth edition of the “Construction & Engineering Awards” by BUILD. For the second time, Devoto Design wins an International prize in such a prestigious and innovative context for our area of expertise.

Best Parametric Engineering & Construction Company award

The nominee for the Build Awards 2021 came from the works we delivered at the Banyan Tree Doha Vertigo lounge, a project we have deeply talked about on this blog (read the article >).

The project of the Vertigo lounge at the Banyan Tree Doha is the result of a complex parametric engineering. This design system made it possible to cut the surface into pieces that we were able to count, encode and divide according to the typology. 

A work of more than 20.000 pieces made possible thanks to a parametric design

Through this kind of engineering, we could send all the necessary data straight to the CNC machines to produce the 20.000 pieces of wood that compose the double-curving walls of the Vertigo lounge.  

EVERY PIECE OF WOOD had its own identification code specifying its exact position in the space, the row and wall they belonged to.  

Devoto (Parametric) Design

To make us particularly proud of this achievement, though, is the nature of the award itself: it doesn’t involve a single project but our company as a whole, our capability of delivering works based on a parametric design and approach. Among the others:

BEING RECOGNIZED AS BEST COMPANY in the parametric engineering and construction field is a great result for us: for years we have focused on the study of complex surfaces and on the research of construction solutions that always go through a parametric approach. It is our strength, it is what makes us different from the others. Being awarded for this makes us really proud” (Marianna Devoto – Sales Director)

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