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Devoto Joinery School: apply now for this theory-and-practice course held by Claudio Devoto himself. At the end of the course each participant will be given a certificate with all acquired skills and also the chance to access a 6-months internship! Fill the form in and apply now!

We are happy to present the joinery course created and held by Claudio Devoto, founder of the company. The first 10 applicants will be given the chance to live this incredible training oppurtunity.

We want to offer youths the chance to explore a manufacturing company like ours that still believes in craftsmanship and manual work..(Claudio Devoto)

Devoto Joinery School: 400 hours of training and passion!

This first course by Devoto, something Claudio Devoto has strongly wanted, is dedicated to wood work techniques, the core business of the company. Devoto Design is presently made of 40 people but was born as a small carpentry laboratory that Claudio Devoto and his wife Caterina Bosco created more than 40 years ago.

The course is for youths between 16 and 28 and consists of 400 hours of training divided into:

  • THEORY (150 hours): Basics of mathematics and geometry, reading of technical drawings and introduction to wood types and construction materials.
  • PRACTICE (250 hours): Use of the main machinery and learning of the main construction techniques.

The course is from Monday to Friday for 8 hours a day and is held at Devoto Headquarters in Cisterna di Latina, via Grotte di Nottola.

THE TRAINING will end with the construction of a small piece of furniture.  

Internship for the two best participants

At the end of the course there is a final test that will help select the two best participants that will be offered a 6-months intership in one of the partner companies.

ALL PARTICIPANTS will be given a certificate with final grades and a list of the acquired skills.  

This Devoto joinery course is self-funded, therefore each participant will pay € 150 to take part in it.

There are only 10 positions available, the right number to grant efficiency and professionalism.

Approaching the profession of the joiner

The main goal of this course is that of making this profession accessible to all those youths who might be interested. That’s why the best participants will be given the chance to approach the real job in a company like Devoto that is looking for young forces.

I happened to meet some youths  that were curious and keen on doing this job but had no proper training to be employed.. that’s why I felt the need of this course..  (Claudio Devoto).

The goal of this training course is that of making youths able to support the professionals with significant help and to learn fast how to handle the main activities.

Devoto Joinery School: requisites and applications

To apply to the course, a few requisites are necessary: basics of maths and geometry; knowledge of the Italian language. Are you ready? What are you waiting for, then?

1. APPLY now

The start is set on 25/102021. All applications are expected within 20/10/2021. Are you between 16 and 28?  Have you got a passion for wood work? What are you waiting for?

2. GET TO THE selection interview

After sending your application, you will be interviewed by Claudio Devoto between  20 and 22/10/2021.

3. START THE COURSE with Claudio Devoto

To apply or ask for more information you can:

  • Write to
  • Call Claudio Devoto at 3483573190
  • Apply by filling in the contact form:

My dream?  To offer youths all the tools and passion that are necessary to be a good joiner. (Claudio Devoto)

Apply now!

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