Location | Marino (Roma)
Date | 2012
Client | Playmaker
Design | DrA&U

The geodesic structure for Playmaker is inside the showroom located along via dei Laghi, in the area of Castelli Romani, near Rome. The building, designed by studio DRA&U, is settled in a clearing surrounded by secular pines and is made of a transparent volume squeezed by two inclined walls. Inside this open space a free-standing, dynamic and multifaceted element becomes the visual core of the project and conveys all the necessary purposes and services for the activities run in this place.

The realization of this sculptural volume was born out of a tridimensional model developed by the designers and has been the starting point for programming the CNC machines. The executive drawings by Devoto also included the finishing elements of the structure for a proper installation on site.

The 144 sides of the structure defined by self-bearing frames were covered with triangular elements in Solid Surface, very thin (3 mm), in order to grant translucency when backlit. The prototyping process, having no similar past cases, was fundamental for the definition of materials, their thickness and for the choice of mechanical and chemical junctions. Another pretty accurate and important process was that of the nesting and of the codification of the sides and their vertexes – it made every piece traceable, from the first production steps to the final installation.

Photo credit: DrA&U