Location | Doha, Qatar
Date | 2018-2019
Client | IMAR Trading & Contracting
Design | Studio Jacques Garcia

Value engineering on complex surfaces

When it comes to double-curved surfaces and high-end engineering projects, Devoto Design can offer consultancy and custom-made solutions that can grant the delivery of strongly customized interiors.

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The 28th floor of the Doha Oasis Hotel was designed by Studio Jacques Garcia to welcome the hotel lounge and food area. The studio conceived a double curved structure of black walnut wood walls that twists and envelops the areas dedicated to food&leisure. Their design and shape make them look like the trunk and roots of a big tree.  The walls reach up to 10 m height and curve in different directions. They are made of thousands of wood pieces that, installed upon each other, compose this big 3D puzzle.

Some numbers:

1.143 sqm surface
10,5 m max height
210 cu.m of timber
24.856 installation hours
22.950 wood pieces