Location | Jerusalem
Date | 2021
Client | NY loft
Design | Yoma architects

Luxury residential project in Jerusalem commissioned by NY loft and designed by the Israeli studio YOMA architects.
Devoto Design delivered the fixed furniture for 4 apartments located in a renewed bulding in Jerusalem. Specifically we engineered and produced the entrance lobby corridor closets characterized by big flush sliding doors, the master bedroom headboards, the walk-in closets, the cabinets, the kitchen walls and the vanity units.
All these elements were made in thick fir wood that we processed to obtain a superficial texture with a brushed/smooth effect and then finished with greish-brown paint. All these surfaces are also characterized by decorative millings that give a rhythmical geometry pattern to the space and a strong identity as well. In the bedrooms and bathrooms these wall surfaces alternate wood with backlit smoked glass. This element becomes two-sided on the bathroom doors so Devoto Design had to come up with a tailored-made construction technology to match the design intent and obtain the desired result.

Photo credit: courtesy of NY loft and Yoma architects