Location | Rome
Date | 2021
Client | EUR spa
Design | Fuksas

Five years after its official opening, Devoto Design went back to the convention centre “La Nuvola” for the fit-out of the two areas next to the auditorium, spaces dedicated to refreshment and relaxation: the bookshop and the workshop designed by Fuksas for EUR spa.

The bookshop has a low ceiling of an intense yellow, white curving walls and fair wood floorboards. Devoto Design manufactured and installed a double-curving wooden ribbon covered with black gelcoat that unwinds along the walls of the bookshop, swelling and retreating to become a bench, a counter, and a bench again. The ribbon has some inserts of the same intense yellow of the ceiling, the trademark colour of this space. To complete the fit-out, we delivered some “islands” in yellow gelcoat, oval tables at the visitors’ disposal.

In the workshop we delivered a big oval bar counter (about 7×5 m) equipped with accessories and technologies that we tailored to this big double-curving element. It is finished with glossy black gelcoat which gives it elegance and impressiveness.

Photo credit: 9centos studio