Residential contract and interior design: one of our latest turnkey projects

Residential contract and interior design: did you know that Devoto deals with the manufacturing and installation of bespoke interiors as well as the supply of loose furniture and the execution of light construction works? We’ve taken care of  Interior Contract projects since 1979 and today we’ll talk about one of the latest turnkey projects we’ve delivered. 


We’re happy to show you the result of the overhaul project of an apartment located in the exclusive housing complex Monticello in Rome. The project involved the execution of construction works, MEP systems and the delivery of all furniture, of course.


THE COOPERATION BETWEEN ALL Design and Devoto Design shows how an intense collaboration and synergy of intents between Designer and Contractor is the basis of  a client-oriented quality product. (Luca Rocchi, ALL DESIGN founder)


WE CAN TALK ABOUT THE “PERFECT” PROJECT for what concerns  the relationship and trust among contractor, designer and client. (Marianna Devoto, Architect & Sales Director at Devoto)

“Casa Monticello”: a synergy of intents between Designer and Contractor

The overhaul project of this apartment in Monticello was cured by the Roman firm ALL Design that decided to involve our team.

As you can see in the pictures, “Casa Monticello” has a contemporary style characterized by minimalistic lines. The main materials we used are oak wood, walnut wood and solid surface, while finishes are matt lacquered.

THE PROJECT  was about re-defining the existing functional layout and designing the furnishings. We executed some construction works to turn the existing layout into a fluid open space that could at the same time grant privacy when needed, thanks to the choice of wide and light-filling glazing. (Luca Rocchi, ALL DESIGN founder)

Residential contract and Interior Design: the style choices

For this project Devoto dealt with the execution of light construction works and the delivery of the furnishings. Specifically:

  • CONSTRUTION WORKS: plastering, wall painting, water and power systems
  • BESPOKE INTERIORS, drapery and loose furniture (including the appliances)

The bespoke interiors are characterized by straight lines and a contemporary style, wood and lacquered surfaces:

  • floor-to-ceiling BOOKCASES
  • TV unit
  • MASTER bedroom wardrobes with sliding doors, bed headboards and bookcases
  • sliding glass DOORS 
  • complementary CUSTOM FURNITURE

To contrast the straight and “neat” lines of these items, a double-curving oak-veneered desk enriches the place and becomes a monolithic object that catches one’s attention for the nature of its shape.

THE FURNITURE we designed are characterized by neutral and natural hues like oak and walnut wood, sided by black and white lacquering that enhances the grain and colour of the wood. The linear shape of the furnishings in the living and kitchen area are contrasted by the sinuous lines of the studio desk, while the night zone is characterized by white lacquering and oak wood that perfectly match and coexist through the details of the wardrobes and bookcases that enrich the design.  (Luca Rocchi, ALL DESIGN founder)

What does “customized furnishings” mean?

The passage from idea to realization of architectural bespoke elements brings along remarkable techniques and complexities.

As it can easily be assumed, it’s about turning an executive project into reality but also about meeting the designer and the client’s expectations for what concerns time, quality of the manufacts, management of production processes as well as the quality and trust between the client and the team.

THROUGHOUT the development of this project both the designers and us have always tried to understand and meet the client’s needs. The client – on their side – was able and willing to listen and understand our needs for what concerned time and technical feasibility.. I wish I could find more clients like this!  (Marianna Devoto, Architect & Sales Director at Devoto)


THE FINAL RESULT? A WELL-WORKING MIX of design and functionality that perfectly met the client’s desiderata: a minimalistic style and neutral hues.  The juxtaposition of straight and sinuous and of neutral colour and wood creates a familiar place where every detail is well enhanced. (Luca Rocchi, ALL DESIGN founder)

A special thanks to Luca Rocchi, Founder of ALL DESIGN, for his contribution and time.


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