Interior Turnkey Contract: another hospitality project delivered by Devoto Design

Interior Turnkey Contract: wjat does it really mean? We’ll try to explain it through our latest hospitality project 


“WE ALL KNOW THAT BEING AN INTERIOR CONTRACTOR means being the only reference point for the client and taking care of all the elements that are part of the interior fitting.. for this project it meant supplying the custom furnishings, the loose furnishings, as well as the all the appliances, the cutlery, the towels, all the accessories.. a 360° supply can mean all this!” (Marianna Devoto, CCO)

An important role was played by the analysis and planning of each element and process the project was made of, an analysis we started from the very beginning.  The logistics plan and the management of the warehouse were essential to handle the whole project.

Our PM Benedetta worked close together with both the client and the designer to make sure every detail was defined and every apartment was equipped with everything. We defined and shared with them a tailored control system that, thanks to the codification and labelling of every single item of the project, made it possible to have a clear and well-planned installation plan. This helped the installation team work fast and clean, granting the correct delivery of the fittings and loose furniture in all the 16 apartments according to the client’s delivery plan. In this way we optimized the resources and reduced the margin of error.

“THE LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT and the site management were essential to deliver the project. The semplification of the flows made the optimization of all energies possible and led us to the final result. Most of the furnishings are design products that studio THDP had selected, but the custom pieces played an important part in the whole project. (Benedetta Guadagnin, Project Manager)

Among the custom furnishings we can mention the upholstery elements (armchairs and sofas), the kitchens and the wardrobes, all custom-made. The wardrobes are characterized by a decoration frame on the doors.

According to the style of the apartment they belong to, the frame changes in geometry and colour:

  • dark gold on the doors of the Nobile apartment wardrobes
  • matt black for the Antica and Giovane apartments

Every single detail was defined, analysed, and made with the highest care and attention to grant the desired functionality and aesthetic standards.

Also, some of the design products were customized through a specific selection of materials, fabrics, and finishes.

Giovane, Nobile, Antica: the 3 types of apartment

We have three kinds of apartments, as we mentioned: Giovane, Nobile and Antica. They differ in layout, size, and general decoration style but they share the same level of detail care. They are scattered around Rome, in some of the most peculiar neighbours and they were all designed by the London-based studio THDP.

An interesting and challenging project that gave life to these beautiful apartments.

In a very short time, we were able to turn a construction site into an amazing and cosy design apartment, equipped with everything the customer needs – it’s been motivating and exciting for us!

So, to answer the question at the beginning of the article “What does it really mean?”, we could say that being a contractor means having a specific but flexible work methodology, making ourselves able to meet the project needs, to highlight critical points and find solutions in terms of management and coordination.

It means working hard for the final scope: making both the client and the designer satisfied and cuddled.

have a look at the apartments, scroll the gallery! 

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To learn more: 

  • THDP > Visit the official website The Hickson Design Partnership, the practice founded by Nicholas J Hickson and Manuela Mannino. THDP is an architecture and interior design studio based in Italy and London currently involved in the design and build of prestigious international residential and hotel projects.  
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