Info Point desk realization: an example of “contaminated” joinery

Info Point desk realization: thanks to our experience in the production of strongly customized interiors, when we talk about complex surfaces and double curves, customized shapes and finishes we can help our clients find the right construction solution. Follow us for more “contaminated” projects!

Engineering and production of complex surfaces

Today we’ll talk about the Departures Info Point desk at the International airport Leonardo da Vinci in Fiumicino (Rome), designed by ADR Engineering and King Roselli Architetti that can be found in a strategic and nodal position inside Terminal 1.

THE DESK INTERCEPTS and “welcomes” the chaotic flows of passengers coming from all sides thanks to its symbolic circular shape.

As you can see in the picture, il desk is made of two work stations

  • ONE for the handicapped
  • A TOTEM where it is possible to see the INFO pictogram and the ADR logo that both work as a sign for passengers. The totem is also the entrance door to the desk and a small wardrobe for the operators thatnk to the its thickness.

COLOUR OF THE DESK:  white to match the already-existing check-in desks in Terminal 1.

FIRE PREVENTION: the structure is made of self-exstinguishing resin (included the finishing Gelcoat) and of “Class 1” materials (fire resistant chipboard).


Let’r go through the production process that gave birth to this original info desk:

Info Point desk realization: from feasibility study to assembly

This desk is made of circular crown rings with irregular elliptic shape and variable thickness. The external perimeter of the rings is inclined, while the internal one is vertical. Every ring has a minimal size of 3.80 m and has no visible joints, despite being not a single piece.

Let’s see how we got to this result. 

A dimensional limit – as you can easily imagine – was given by the transport and introduction of the desk through the airport doors. The desk rings are elliptical and irregular and one is different from the other for shape and thickness. This heterogenity of shapes and volumes was handled by the expertise of our team and our experience in traslating projects developed with 3D modeling programs into CAD/CAM application systems through Alphacam.

For durability reasons, the desk was made with wood, coated with resin and finished with gelcoat that we sprayed to reach an average 3 mm thickness and then polished.

JOINTS ARE NOT VISIBLE because we opted for a gelcoat finish, the best solution in terms of aesthetics, fire resistance, washability and scratch resistance.  

Night installation

If you look carefully, you’ll see that the first four rings, the lowest, have an identical internal shape. this helped fix the curving load bearing panel. The fifth ring, on the other hand, works both as the top of the desk for the operator and the top for the disabled passengers. This ring is similar to the other rings but its intrados was milled in correspondance to the load-bearing panel to fix and place it properly.

The last ring, the conter top, is suspended and separated from the fifth ring by three metal spacers.

WHAT’S MORE: the installation of the desk took place at night and was completed in only one session.

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