Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum fit-out works: elegance and sinuosity

Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum fit-out works: let’s have a look at one of our latest works around the world. Today we’ll talk about the museum inside the Doha Stadium – the same that will host the Fifa World Cup 2022 – and how we made its interiors unique. 


Inside the Al Khalifa Stadium in Doha, it is possible to visit the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, a massive celebration of sport in all its shapes.

3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum offers visitors a wide and surprising experience, full of unforgettable interactive exhibitions, stimulating objects and amazing activities.. Visitors will feel excited and will be keen on challenge themselves to sports, every day. (source: Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum official site


For the 3-2-1 Museum, Devoto Design created some custom-made furniture that aims at giving personality and identity to the welcoming areas of the hall and foyer. We manufactured some bespoke items in wood and coated them in eco-leather. Let’s have a better look at what we did..

Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum fit-out works: elegance and sinuosity

The core of all these pieces of furniture is wood paired with eco-leather, a material that can grant elegance and personality.

As you can see in the pictures, our team was asked to manufacture some strongly customized pieces of furniture:

  • round DESKS 
  • round DIVING WALLS 

They were made in the typical colours of the Olympic rings, inspired by the same chromatic and conceptual idea of their round shape. As a result, all items have curved shapes and were clad in eco-leather to make them more graceful and elegant.

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW,  “eco-leather is a type of leather with a reduced environmental impact that meets the requirement of the UNI 11427:2011A standard” (source: Wikipedia)



Craftsmanship and technique in the production of wooden furniture

The manufacture of this furniture proved to be utterly complex:

“To reach the desired curved shapes, we needed to engineer the items so that the CNC machines could “cut” them in different layers..”  (Marianna Devoto, Sales Director)


Only after we had placed the layers one over the other, we could reach the desired shape. At this point, once the wooden core was ready, it was time for the eco-leather cladding. On the benches, we also inserted a layer of foam to make them more comfortable and plush.


The challenge of eco-leather: how we avoided “wrinkles”

The colourful eco-leather we used to represent the Olmpic rings proved to be challenging: the risk of forming folds and wrinkles was very high.

It was thanks to the experience and craftsmanship of our team that we were able to apply the eco-leather onto the double-curving shapes and corners of the items, obtaining the best adherence even on the most complex and hard portions.

If you happen to be in Doha during the Fifa World Cup 2022, don’t forget to visit the Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum inside the  Khalifa International Stadium. You’ll be able to see incredible interactive exhibitions and enjoy the furniture Devoto Design made for the hall and foyer. 


Some information about 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum

The museum is situated inside the Khalifa International Stadium, also known as the “National Stadium”. It is part of the Doha sports centre called “Aspire Zone”. Renewed in 2006 to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 15th Asian Games, today the stadium is one of the locations selected for the Fifa World Cup 2022.


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