Devoto Design professional development: watch the interview on National TV

Devoto Design professional development thanks to a new fund “Fondo Nuove Competenze”. We’ve been interviewed by the national TV program Il posto giusto (Italian for “The right Place”) about this new fund. A financial instrument that is helping companies train and redevelop their employees in this moment of uncertainty. Here’s what we talked about.. 

We’ve been to Cisterna di Latina to visit a company that manufactures bespoke furniture and whose employees take several professional development courses..  (Giampiero Marrazzo, Il posto Giusto, Rai 3)

Devoto Design at the right place

The program Il posto giusto, by Giampiero Marrazzo and Simona Vanni, takes care of topics related to the labor market and professional development. Weekly broadcast on National TV channel 3, “it tells stories about work through the experience of individuals and it also describes the most innovative and requested jobs of the moment”.

In the last episode, the TV program crew came to visit our company in Cisterna di Latina. We had the chance to tell them how much our company believes and has always believed in the value of its employees as well as in the importance of active and constant development. We then explained how we used the instruments and possibilities the fund Fondo Nuove Competenze had given us.

Devoto Design is a company made of skills, knowledge, insightfulness, research, experimentation. It is made of people. That’s why we believe people are our biggest competition factor. People working here naturally adopt the company style, share its goals, commit to our projects and often supply new ideas and solutions we can test, adopt. 

We strongly believe in training as a way through which our employees are constantly encouraged and new skills and knowledge are acquired: it is a way to create added value, to create a mixture of skills and knowledge that melt and come together to find the best solution possible for each of our projects. 

We believe professional development can help our skills grow, get stronger and up-to-date, pushing the company towards new limits and new possibilities.” (Cecilia Devoto, CEO)

Devoto Design professional development: watch the interview

You can watch the video “Formazione su misura con il Fondo Nuove Competenze” by Alessandro Ferrara about Devoto Design. Click the picture below or, if you prefer, click the link to the national TV portal It’s about 3 minutes – enjoy!

Formazione professionale Devoto: intervista Al Posto Giusto Rai 3

Il posto giusto, “Formazione su misura con il Fondo Nuove Competenze” (Raiplay) >


First of all: What’s the fund “Fondo Nuove Competenze”

Born to help companies fight the economic effects of the pandemic, this fund is co-financed by the European Social Fund. Thanks to it, companies are given new tools and instruments to update and increase their employees’ skills and expertise.

The project consists of 250 hours of training for each employee, divided into different courses. What is good about this fund is that it allows for a customized training, tailored to the company’s and the employees’ needs.  (Sergio Nisi, Head of Training Organization)

in conclusion being this fund thought and created for the companies’ true needs, it is possible to use part of the employees’ work time to acquire new skills. These are the courses Devoto Design decided to take through the fund:

  • advanced Project Management for the project department
  • Leadership for the heads of department
  • Course about the new market and its current uncertainties for the sales department
  • The supply chain for the logistics and purchasing department

This professional development project was born out of the need to better know this new market, as it has changed  because of Covid. We realized we are facing a completely changed scenario, so we needed new and quick tools that could help us read this new scenario.”  (Valeria Visentin, Sales and Marketing Assistant)


To watch the whole episode (included the interview to Devoto Design):

RayPlay: Il posto giusto, Puntata del 20/03/2021 > Our interview starts at minute 13:00. 

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