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Manifesto of the new landscape: why we should support it

What is the Manifesto of the New Landscape and why does Devoto Design support it?

Devoto Design has always adopted a “green” philosophy, paying attention to and being aware of the environmental issues that involve the respect of the landscape. This particularly concerns the choice of the raw material we use for our creations.

Devoto Design has always been green… and certified!

Since 2014 Devoto Design has been FSC certified. Forest Stewardship Country is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization that created an international certification system for the sustainable management of the forests and for the traceability of timber raw material.

Our FSC certification grants that all the timber we purchase comes from certified forests and not from virgin ones that are chopped down just to get some timber… we are proud of our choice! (Marianna Devoto, Sales Director)

And now let’s go back to our Manifesto…

Developed some months ago by Associazione Italiana Architettura del Paesaggio – AIAPP (Italian association for architecture and landscape) thanks to the work done by regions Lombardy and LAMS-Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, and Sardinia, this Manifesto of the new landscape is extremely current. It states that landscape is the cornerstone for change.

The landscape of distances. The emergency has instilled a need of more distance in people – a feeling that is likely to last. Social distancing is making us imagine new landscapes made of “voids” too.  (source: Manifesto of the new landscape).

During these lockdown months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need of designing and building in total harmony with nature and territory has grown even stronger. And the fresh start for the economy – once the pandemic is over – will stem from the safeguard, preservation, and enhancement of our territory.

“The environmental and social problems tend to affect our health and we all have to face them”  (source: video Manifesto of the new landscape)


The 11 points of the manifesto – that the presentation video here below perfectly summarizes – address institutions and administrations as well as all citizens and

“all the people that live and transform the landscape every day: professionals, artisans, intellectuals, artists, communities, associations”  (source: IlGiornaledell’

We are all called to action and asked to pay our contribution to building a stronger awareness in the design process of the new landscape.

“It is necessary to think and design according to eco-sustainability and sharing, respecting the safeguard of  the resources, of biodiversity and social equality..”  (source: video “Manifesto of the new landscape”)

Watch the video that summarizes and promotes the manifesto by AIAPP:

The main point of the Manifesto in short

Here are the main points AIAPP underlines in its Manifesto and that we share:

  • Requalify and take care of the existing
  • Create shared and accessible places
  • Promote a sustainable growth
  • Protect biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Contrast territory fragmentation and exploitation of the soil
  • Give more value to local communities
  • Re-activate connections between cities and open-air spaces
  • Increase the ecological net

To learn more:

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