A Design and Build project: the Auditorium inside the Ministry of Immigration of Qatar

Today we’ll talk about a Design and Build project we handled from the first concept design ideas to the supervision of the final installation. An important and complex project for both its design and realization. Let’s start from the beginning..

Having already worked together on some successful projects, BSEEN2 – a company specialized in light design solutions –  entrusted Devoto Design with the design and realization of the Auditorium inside the Ministry of Immigration of Qatar in Doha.

Auditorium “Design and Build”: a comfortable and flexible place

The challenge behind this project – as you might guess – was not only the realization of a big and complex place like an auditorium, but also the delivery of a  “Design and Build” project, of the concept design and the design of all its elements. Specifically, we handled:

  • CONCEPT Design
  • ARCHITECTURAL AND MEP SYSTEM PROJECT: demolitions, construction works, MEP system and acoustic design
  • EXECUTIVE PROJECT of all the bespoke furniture and claddings
  • SELECTION of all loose furniture
  • MANUFACTURE of all the bespoke furniture and claddings
  • MANGEMENT and SUPERVISION of the installation

“THE BUILDING OF THE MINISTRY OF IMMIGRATION of Qatar has a severe architectural style. Its expressive power is deeply connected to tradition with an absolutely minimal effect..”

A reliable partner for the realization of complex places

Thanks to the experience we gained in the last years for what concerns the delivery of museums, conference halls and auditoriums, Devoto was able to grant assistance and support about certifications, fire regulations and requisites, about the definition of the MEP systems, but especially about what concerned the acoustic performance the auditorium needed.

“OUR PROJECT PROPOSAL was informed by its own functional goal: creating a place where people could exchange information and ideas. A comfortable and flexible place that could be representative at the same time…”

“THE AUDITORIUM INSIDE THE MINISTRY OF IMMIGRATION OF QATAR can be depicted as a big screen where the city of Doha skyline is projected.. a vertical pattern made of  fills and gaps that creates an horizontal scenary of materials, colours, light and shadows.. “

Walls of the auditorium are cladded with vertical slats of solid mahogany wood and sound-absorbing panels covered by technical Kvadrat fabric. The alternation of these two elements progresses and intensifies to reach the climax next to the stage.

On the stage, then, this horizontal cladding joins the “white carpet”, a white ribbon that covers the back of the stage and the ceiling above the pit. For what concerns the pit, the layout is deivided into a “luxury” area and a “basic” one. They are marked by the differnt type of armchairs:

  • FREESTANDING ARMCHAIRS in leather “Farrell” by Meridiani enriched by coffee tables reserved to the first rows
  • CONFERENCE CHAIRS “Thea” by Poltrona Frau for the rest of the pit

Desk Conference Design

Finally let’s mention the conference desk: we designed a counter made of three single modules that can be sided and matched according to the ever-changing needs to get the desired configuration.

The keywords of this project? Flexibility and functionality above all, but also customization, thanks to the choice to use the national flag colours and to the representation of the city skyline, the leit motif of the whole project.

For the first time Devoto Design applied the “Design and Build” formula to a project of such size and prestige as the auditorium of the Ministry of Immigration of Qatar.

Choosing Devoto since the first design concept means skipping the feasibility study and the project analysis steps and better keeping the budget always under control.

“THANKS TO OUR SKILLS IN “DESIGN AND BUILD” we were able to design something that we already knew how to make and of which we already knew all the characteristics and technical performance.”

All quotes are by the design team at Devoto. 


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