Location | Roma
Date | 2015
Client | Mitsukoshi s.p.a.
Design | Devoto Design

The boutique Mitsukoshi was born in 1975 in the very heart of Rome via Nazionale, next to Piazza Esedra. In this area dedicated to luxury shopping, you can notice the idea that Mitsui Takoshi, the founder of the chain, had had: the creation of a concept store where customers could be welcomed with the highest standards of reception like it used to be in the family Japanese store 340 years ago. The target of customers, mainly Asian, is pretty heterogeneous from the standpoint of age. This led Devoto to design a project that could balance different features: on the one hand we had the need for an elegant and fresh design that the brands require, on the other hand, we had functionality needs for the quality and quantity of the sales of the boutique.

This corner is located in a unique architectural place, where you can see crossed vaults in the filter zone between the two adjacent buildings.
This place required a strong exhibition system for these brand products. Black metal structures with a wireframe effect create a real geometric setting. Some portions of the walls can be opened to access the two adjacent storage rooms, while the racks, completely built to drawings, can be disassembled in favour of a flexible exposition.

The style of the brand required a sober design and a strong double-chromatism. The perimetral walls were furnished with exhibition niches, where perimetral frames embrace the products. The shelves that hold bags and accessories are made of iron, thin as blades that disappear and make the product look like as if it was floating in the air.
All the ready-to-use containing system is given by the bases that, thanks to a trick, escape the repetition effect of the openings and become decorative.
Desks are pure volumes with multitask modular elements and have a triple function of exhibiting, containing and supporting the sales assistance.

Photo credit: Simona Strozzi