Location | Roma
Date | 2016-2017
Client | Almabuona
Design | Devoto Design

Alma Buona was born out of the need to evolve the classic concept of pizzeria towards a dynamic model in which dough and toppings are tailored to the customer. The food concept of Alma Buona is, in fact, based on the selection of organic and natural raw materials and on processes that characterize the doughs, making them light and easy to digest, thus renewing the traditional pizza product.

The interior concept enhances the entrepreneurial inputs: an extremely rational layout determines the spaces celebrating the perception of the whole and focusing on the mutual permeability between the preparation area with visible technologies, the administration area and the external space which, thanks to the numerous glazed surfaces, interpenetrates with the local. Inside, the raw image of walls with natural shavings, rough concrete and anthracite grey metal structures are flanked by Nordic-inspired furniture with natural fir wood surfaces and wooden seats to pick up the corporate colors (Billiani). The purity of these design choices is flanked by the PET Lamp system: a social design project conceived by the Spanish designer Alvàro Catalàn de Ocòn, which reuses PET plastic bottles, transforming them, thanks to the know-how of artisans all over the world, into intertwined and multicolored lampshades.

Devoto Design has developed: the interior concept, the brand identity, and took care of the entire realization of the premises with the Interiors Formula.

Photo credit: Enrico De Devitiis