Location | Roma
Date | 2017
Client | Hera Gestioni Alberghiere srl
Design | Studio Pozzi

This newly built hotel interprets the contemporary trend of hospitality that increasingly focuses on a smart, dynamic and International target. The business imprinting of the well-known American chain to which it belongs and the essentiality of the architectural choices are intertwined in the interiors dimension, with chromatic and material choices more linked to the world of decoration.

Devoto Design has created the common areas starting from the reception hub, whose benches are pure volumetry with an ethereal look, also thanks to the selection of materials: Plexiglas, Corian® solid surface, Cleaf® laminates and glass.

In contrast to the linearity of the furniture, the entire upholstery system is developed, starting from the waiting room characterized by a modular composition of elements such as poufs, structured sofas and soft islands in pastel colors associated with the design of Sangiacomo coffee tables.

Photo credit: Barbara Santoro