Location | Bassiano (Latina)
Date | 2011
Client | Comune di Bassiano
Design | Comes Del Gallo Architetti

The new headquarters of the Town Library Aldo Manuzio in Bassiano are part of a restoration project of the area surrounding the ancient walls of this village, built by the Caetani family between the XIIIth and XIVth century.

The new project, designed by Studio Comes – Del Gallo, allowed the presence of a central hall on the ground floor and 2 reading rooms on the upper floors, in order to give a place for culture to Bassiano.

The interiors are dominated by a material pre-existence, where the structures in galvanized iron and wood host and decorate without being an obstacle to the enjoyment of this unique place.

Devoto was in charge of the production of the structural elements such as walkways and staircases, as well as all the interior fit-out – reception desk, game room, study rooms (tables and shelves) and the archive for the Fondo Storico (historical books).

Photo credit: Rosario Patti