Location | Milano
Date | 2010
Client | Samsung Staron®
Design | Studio Santachiara

For Samsung and in cooperation with Studio Santachiara, Devoto embarked on this prototyping project for some loudspeakers in Staron® for the Archivolto event during the Milan Design Week 2010.

The project consists of the realization of three complementary elements that, placed side by side, become one total black volume. When separated, the adjacent surfaces look like geodes of white Solid Surface from which the light is filtered and the sound comes out.

Staron® is a solid, resistant and at the same time extremely ductile material. It belongs to the so-called Solid Surfaces category, whose main features are hardness, easy restorability and vacuum-formation. A thin surface of this material becomes translucent: part of the light refraction occurs underneath the surface, and part of it is given through the material itself, and this characteristic can be advantageous to get some amazing back-lighting effects. 

Photo credit: Devoto