Location | Milano
Date | 2013
Client | Devoto S.pA.
Design |Arch. Filippo Francescangeli & Devoto S.pA.

Mentiròsa is the result of a dynamic mix of creativity and company know-how, giving birth to a design that involved both designers and skilled manufactures.

Devoto asked Filippo Francescangeli, a successful emerging designer, to work with its technical team in order to create and show a product that could push the potential of the Solid Surfaceto its extreme structural limits. That’s how Mentiròsa was born. A high-technology seating element that, taking the best out of the materials it is made of, gives you positive feedback as for ergonomy and aesthetic quality.

Mentiròsa has wooden skin, an evocative and natural material. The structure core is in Solid Surface, an acrylic material that allowed deformation, thinning and manipulation thanks to a tailor-made vacuum-forming technique. Finally, the wooden surface was customized with a three-dimensional decorative technique. It was carved by a CNC cutter, drawing a pattern especially designed by the RT Roberto Terrinoni Graphic Studio team, that took care of all the product corporate elements and the events we took part in.

Photo credit: Luigi Ceccon

Click  here for Mentiròsa Video