DATE: 2021
CLIENT: private
DESIGN: Artline RM associates

For a prestigious client in Doha, Artline was appointed to design a majlis (room of the house dedicated to the welcoming and entertainment of guests) on the ocean, located on a small purpose-built artificial peninsula. Devoto Design was involved in the feasibility study, consultancy, and engineering of the structure for its unusual shape: a wooden boat. The concept idea was that of faithfully reproducing the structure of a dhow (typical Arabic sailing vessel) and turn it into a majlis. A proper boat, with sails and mainmast.
Our job was that of finding the materials and construction processes that could fit the scorching hot Qatari climate and the closeness to salty water as well as that of using our know-how to analyse the structure itself: main beams, insulating material, durable cladding for the external shell, elegant cladding for the interior. We also found the most efficient, safe, and suitable installation and fixing methodology for the main beams to grant stability and durability. We chose plywood for the entire structure and suggested Okumé wood for the external shell, both indoors and outdoors. For the deck, we proposed a combination of plywood, aluminum, and Okumé wood treated with water- and weather-resistant products.
Our proposal also included the creation of big glazing facing the ocean with foldable and operable partitions.
Devoto Design’s engineering proposal ended up with the creation of an animated video that shows the construction and installation steps of the main structure as well as the fabrication of a 1:20 scale model.

Watch the video

Photocredit: Simona Strozzi

Videomaking: Fabrizio Capuano