Location | Rome

Date | 2021

Client | private

Design | arch. Laura Lampugnale arch. Giuseppe Morando

Devoto Design fitted out a luxury office in Rome designed by architects Laura Lampugnale and Giuseppe Morando.
A project that aims for uniqueness and peculiarity, with furniture tailored to suit a modern office located in an ancient building with coffered painted ceilings. The first item we meet is the reception desk in black gelcoat and a back wall in wood and resin that reproduces the same three-dimensional and irregular shape of the counter, giving birth to an element with a strong visual impact. The wall also works as the balustrade of the staircase that is behind the counter.
This open-tread staircase is in raw iron and walnut wood and its steps are anchored to the wall and have an irregular and trapezoidal shape.
In this office – spread over two floors – we also find bespoke operational desks in walnut wood and a trapezoidal shape, partitioning furniture that works as a bookcase on one side and cabinet on the other side and have different finishes, and vanity units clad in copper sheets that we progressively oxidized to obtain a chromatic effect that goes from dark brown to pink – a custom-made technique we created specifically for this project.
There is also a structure composed of triangles in Douglas solid wood and sound-proof glass that gives birth to an “office within the office”. It has the curving shape of a half dome; the glass is transparent in the upper part to make the painted ceilings visible, while the bottom part is in Antelio and pink glass; the central strip is frosted to grant privacy to those inside.