Location | Rome
Date | 2019
Client | Clinica Parioli
Design | arch. Massimo Procopio

On a project by architect Massimo Procopio, Devoto Design furnished the reception hall of a luxury private clinic in Rome.

Devoto Design manufactured and supplied the cladding of the curved walls, made of natural oak wood slats installed on white curved panels that match the shape of the walls. The peculiarity of this cladding is in the different dimensions of the slats both in length and depth, creating a pattern with a broken rhythm and tricks of shapes and geometry.

The same cladding can be found on the front side of the big reception desk. It is curved to grant consistency with the walls surrounding it. The desk is lighted by a thin pendant element in white curved wood that follows the same curve of the desk top.

The “broken pattern” of the wall cladding encircles the reception hall and its light colors contrasted by a black ceiling. Here we find custom-made pendant wooden light elements that Devoto Design CNC-cut and manufactured to look like big white “petals” whose surface was emptied and carved to reach irregular and geometric shapes. These petals were hung to create an artwork of shapes and light – the LED strips can be found only on some of the curved side of the petals.

In 2021 we went back to furnish the owner’s private office. Again, we supplied a “broken-patterned” waistcoating but this time the rhythm and movement are given through the geometric shapes the cladding is made of.