Location | Addis Ababa
Date | 2019-2020
Client | Varnero Construction
Design | ZIAS architecture and engineering 

Bespoke Interiors for prestigious projects

Devoto Design has gained a lot of experience in the management and construction of prestigious projects such as government buildings and big companies’ headquarters. The delivery of bespoke interiors for offices and headquarters needs the highest levels of accuracy and detail.

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It is the third time for Devoto Design in Ethiopia and the second time we’ve had the pleasure to cooperate with Varnero construction. The occasion is a prestigious project: the renovation of the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance headquarters (MOFED).

The building is located in the pulsing heart of Addis Ababa and was the object of a renovation project to welcome the new ministry offices.

We delivered the claddings and filtering walls, fake ceilings, doors, closets and desks as well as the supply of upholstery items (both custom and commercial) as a result of a fruitful discussion and cooperation with the main designer staff, and also the curtains and light elements.

The chosen finish is brown oak that we find in the offices, meeting rooms, green rooms and lobby, being the unifying element among all working areas. These are enriched by the presence of sofas, poufs and armchairs in lively colours that help create a snug and harmonic environment as well as giving them a modern flair.

Tradition and elegance are conveyed through the presence of Mashrabiya elements in wood and gold. We can find them scattered throughout the building on the ceiling or as separating walls too. The ultimate CNC technologies meet the most refined craftsmanship to create these decorative elements that enrich the environment and conveys elegance.

Photo credit:  courtesy of Varnero Construction