Sustainable contract: Devoto Design’s choice

Sustainable contract? The respect and improvement of the environment are among the main points of Devoto Design’s values chart. The environmental policy of the company has always focused on a sustainable manufacture and a minimal impact on the environment.


“SUSTAINABILITY is an act of responsibility and commitment that every one of us should acknowledge to preserve the environment and take care of the future generations. This is our belief. This is what sustainable development means to us.”


What are the actions and cares our company can take to the world of contract and Interior design so that the works we deliver are as zero-impact as possible?

From the choice of raw materials to the certified partner companies we work with. From the photovoltaic system to the correct disposal of waste and production scraps: these are the processes we carry out for a sustainable manufacture.

“THE GOALS OF A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT that our company established define a new model of society and set the parameters for a bigger responsibility towards society, economy and environment and to prevent the collapse of the ecosystem.”

Devoto Design: an eco-friendly company

Since the first years of our activity, we have cared for innovation, quality, low environmental impact and safety of the workers’ health by making important choices that could have a positive outcome on both our lives and the environment.

Always caring for the environment, we have been the first in our territory to install a photovoltaic system to reduce consumption and emissions significantly.

“WE ARE ALMOST TOTALLY INDEPENDENT from an energy point of view thanks to the photovoltaic system and the surplus of energy we need we decided to buy only from sustainable sources.”

Thanks to our multi-year experience in world of Interiors, our teams are now specialized in the use of eco-friendly materials.

A sustainable contract starts from the choice of glue and paint..

For the finishing operations of our furniture, our team uses water-based paint. Differently from the polyurethane-based one, this paint contains a very low percentage of solvents. This makes them less dangerous for people’s health and for the environment, particularly suitable, then, for indoors. From an aesthetic and functional point of view it is almost identical to the polyurethane-based one and can assure the same application, colour and finish.

We also use glues with a very low level of formaldehyde, a dangerous gas for people’s health. These glues can grant high standard of performance and technical endurance.

Moreover – when possible – we purchase E1-certified wood panels with low levels of formaldehyde.

…to the choice of raw materials

We have been proudly FSC certified since 2014. The Forest Stewardship Country is an independent nonprofit and non-governmental organization that established an International system to certify the correct management of forests and the traceability of the wooden raw materials. Being FSC-certified means that we choose to purchase wood coming from protected forests, managed and controlled to grant and preserve the social, economic and environmental needs of the future generations.

“WE ADOPTED their terms for a responsible forest management. It is a baby step we took to protect and preserve nature, to bring real advantages to local communities and workers, to grant efficiency from an economic point of view.”

Thanks to the FSC certification and to the traceability of the materials, we make sure the supply chain is managed correctly and responsibly. By choosing a sustainable procurement, we contribute to stop the exploitation of the environment and the deforestation. It means we decide not to use rare wood or the ones that risk extinction.

It means protecting and saving the local fauna.

To minimize scraps and the waste of resources and raw materials, we also decided to cooperate with certified partners for the management and realization of our projects.

Besides our company has adopted a very strict policy about the disposal of production scraps and generic waste.

New challenges for a sustainable contract

We are currently adopting a new process of digitalization and automation in order to optimize the use of production time and materials.

This process has the challenging goal of reducing our impact on the environment even more.

WE ARE ABOUT TO ADOPT a process of environmental certification and good practices in the respect of the environment too. It is our hope and will to go on in this way to make the future a better place.   


All quotes in this article are by our Quality and Environment Supervisor Roberta De Dominicis that we thank for the contribution.

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