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Devoto Design on IoArch, the prestigious Italian magazine about architecture

Devoto Design on IoArch (N. 98, Year 16 – March 2022: 84-89): Technical consultancy, project management, engineering, manufacturing and installation for a luxury loft overlooking the Colosseum

We are thrilled to announce that we are featured on the February/March edition of Ioarch, a bimonthly Italian magazine that has been promoting the culture of architecture since 2005 in a multidisciplinary way.

The renowned architectural firm Alvisi Kirimoto designed the atelier-house of a famous Italian artist and Devoto Design delivered the Interiors as the Interior Contractor of the project. It’s a luxury penthouse the firm has completely rethought to bring out its incredible panoramic view of the Colosseum of Rome.

This loft, different from our other projects with complex curving shapes or high-end engineering, is one of those luxury residential projects where details make a difference. Our experience and craftsmanship were fundamental in mastering the manufacturing processes and the mixture of materials that characterize the items of this project.

“In LUXURY RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS  you need to pay the highest attention to details and grant durability and resistance.. quality, that’s all. This is the reason why illustrious architects like AK choose us to deliver projects like this one – it is not the first time we work on luxury residential with them.” (Marianna Devoto, Architetta & Sales Director)


IoArch praised Devoto Design for itsuncommon sensibility towards the creativity of the architects  and its attention to details that the enthusiasts of architecture particularly appreciate and that today is outshone by the advance of industrial standardization”. 

The flawless manufacture of all furniture, both in terms of material and design, is the result of an intense cooperation between our company and the architects.



The penthouse, on the last two floors of a narrow building between the bottom of Colle Oppio and the Colosseum, has a breath-taking view of Rome. That’s why the fixtures have been designed specifically for this project in wengé wood and iron. Do you know that windows need to be certified?

After receiving the drawings of the windows from Alvisi Kirimoto, Devoto Design engineered and manufactured them and got the necessary certifications. In this case, since these items were strongly customized, we needed to follow a particular certification procedure.

Doors and knobs

Another peculiarity of this project is the doors. They are made of two panels of stratified glass inside which we insterted a layer of linen. This material gives the doors elegance and uniqueness. The door knobs stand out  for their customization and design too. They are circular and made of wengé wood and – as Ioarch says – they look like buttons.

The raised floor

Wengé wood is the fil rouge of the living area. Here we find a raised floor made of this wood, consistently with the rest of the living room floor; it was conceived to have a specific role in the whole loft renovation plan.


The article mentions and praises the two bookcases that we can find in the atelier-studies, also known as the artist refuges. Floor-to-ceiling elements in iron and clad in black walnut wood that perfectly match the wallpaper AK has chosen to complete the fit-out.

The other items delivered by Devoto Design:

  • the kitchen
  • the vanity units
  • the wardrobes in the bedrooms
  • the iron staircase clad in black walnut wood and glass

“THIS IS A PROJECT THAT PARTICULARLY REPRESENTS our soul of manufacturers of quality and elegance, our skills of management and production of strongly customized furniture, made of  different materials that – when put together – give birth to unique pieces of high manufacture.” (Marianna Devoto, Architect & Sales Director)

We take the chance to thank IoArch magazine for mentioning us in this article and Alvisi Kirimoto for the great opportunity and cooperation.


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