Devoto Design internships and workshops to support the architects of tomorrow

Devoto Design internships, projects, and workshops: all the cooperations the company is proud of carrying out with students, institutes, and universities.


“It is a moral duty for companies like ours to share what they to know with those who’ll be the architects of tomorrow” (Claudio Devoto, founder of Devoto, interviewed during “Design for Next Lazio” in cooperation with Quasar Institute)


Devoto Design’s mission has always provided for a tight collaboration with architecture universities and design institutes. First of all to enhance the process of inspiration in the creative minds of those who will be the architects of tomorrow. But also to support and help students approach the complex Interior Architecture world of work.

Here are the main collaborations with universities and institutes:

  • Faculty of Architecture – Sapienza University of Rome, prof. Andrea Grimaldi
  • Department of Architecture – Roma Tre University,   prof. Stefano Converso
  • IED Rome – European Design Institute, prof. Elisabetta Antonellis
  • QUASAR – Quasar Institute for Advanced Design – prof. Alessandro Gorla
  • AANT – Academy of Arts and New Technologies, prof. Michele Calvano

The goal? Simple as it is challenging:

“To create a steady sinergy with universities, incubators and sources of ideas and inspiration..” 

Devoto Workshops and University projects

Devoto Design internships for the architects of tomorrow

Devoto is always happy to welcome students for internships and work placements. They are important to let the new generations of architects live a “real” experience inside the Interior design and furniture world and to let them gradually approach the job.

The importance of these internships is always two-way and satisfying both for the students and the company.  If from its side the company transfers its know-how and experience to the students, the students contribute by bringing new and innovative points of view, always ready to challenge themselves. And when energy meets experience, the result is always surprising.. 

Welcome to Devoto Operations headquarters

A visit to our factory in Cisterna di Latina can offer the students the opportunity to see and “touch” the way our projects and the designers’ ideas are turned into reality. Our Materials and Samples Room is particularly appreciated, being the place where they can find the finishes and materials we use for our works.

Great attention is then paid to our technicians and their tales.  This is the moment when our know-how really emerges, loud and clear, coming out of the different stories and curiosities that highlight the company’s capability of using problem-solving strategies.

Our tales about the solution to some site problems – often particularly complex – or the techniques and materials that we choose and why always represent an important moment of debate with the students that they particularly appreciate and live with passion. Those who have the chance to witness the exchange of points of view between different generations of designers can appreciate the way the students’ creativity feeds from these stories of real work experience.

Devoto Design internships and non-conventional lectures

During the academic year, Devoto Design is often invited to universities and institutes to talk about completed or ongoing projects. These are precious occasions to show a curious and competent audience technical project details and construction solutions but also to discuss together with them the role of architecture in the world and in our society.

Some lectures are held in traditional university classrooms; sometimes students come to our headquarters. In any case, for the professors, the purpose of these lectures is the same: offering the students the possibility to discuss and understand the feasibility of the projects. About this, we want to mention the piece of advice Prof. Grimaldi always gives his students before even stepping inside our premises:

“Listen to Devoto, so that you realize the importance of the construction feasibility of what you design…” 

Devoto Design internships for the architects of tomorrow


Workshops and University projects

These workshops aim at realizing the projects the students have developed together with their professors in Devoto. These projects – of course – are the result of educational courses established together with the universities and institutes. The workshops represent the magical moment when the idea is finally turned into reality. As you can imagine, they are moments of great participation and interest for all the people involved. 

Among the last experiences, Devoto Design has worked with:

  • AANT Workshop
  • Design for Next Lazio – Quasar Institute
  • Hygroscapes 2019 – Roma Tre University
  • Fit-it Roma Tre University, a project featured at “Maker Faire”

We can add the workshops we held in 2019 in Qatar in collaboration with:

  • VCU- Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Qatar
  • Qatar’s Women College of Engineering

We have also supported several students with the development of their Graduation thesis.

Internships, lectures, tours and workshops are the best way to share and show the company’s work methodology in the world of Interior Design. 

A methodology that has been matching – since the first years of activity – craftsmanship to industrialization, the research of original and innovative solutions to the construction feasibility.  Thanks to a well-established methodological approach, Devoto Design’s teams can face different kinds of projects: the Interiors of a museum, theatre, or auditorium as well as the fit-out of a restaurant, boutique, or private residence.

Qatar’s Women College of Engineering


Online webinars, hoping to meet you soon

No matter the kind of cooperation,  Devoto Design always feels like discussing with the new generations of architects and designers about the many possibilities they have as architects. At Devoto, architects and designers work as Estimators, Project Managers, Draftsmen, and Interior Designers

That’s why on all these occasions we pay great attention to the main duties and activities of the single roles.

During this last year, the company has carried out the collaboration with universities and institutes through webinars and online lectures, wishing we can meet soon and welcome the architects and designers of tomorrow again to our premises.

Internships, lectures, tours and workshops Devoto

Devoto Design internships, projects, and workshops

For students and professors who might be interested: our company is happy to offer its support with their projects! 

For more information, you can send an email to or a message through this form >

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