Location | Latina
Date | 2014
Client | Famiglia Tittarelli
Design | Devoto Design

Tittarelli Gioielli is to be found in a significant location, in one of the most important buildings of Latina, characterized by remarkable heights, a majestic entrance door in travertine marble and a strongly longitudinal plan.
The design theme suggested by the Tittarelli family verged on the realization of a store that could celebrate jewels in all their features, putting the product at the centre of the customer’s attention.
The interior concept is conveyed through big volumetric linear elements that create the shopping windows, obtained by a process of volume emptying through prismatic geometries. Windows are irregular as for position, height and size and they are stuck in the base volume following a rhythm, like the traces of the milling process – thin shades on a solid surface.
This linear volume visually links the two connected areas – from the first one where the cashier desk and the waiting room are, you go to the second area, where two 2-metres high chimney hoods frame the two private sales stations.
Surfaces are pale and nuances gradually vibrate from white to pearl grey and beige or to burgundy for the upholstery elements. The only dark elements are the windows: an armoured wall in anthracite iron with a longitudinal coplanar window marks the foyer and frames the entrance characterized by a circular-based security door.
Two scenic lamps made of a cluster of bulbs at different heights complete the light systems integrated in the furniture.
The choice of material ranges from whitened oak wood to lacquered MDF, from fabric-like laminates with tridimensional effects (Cleaf) to the technical textiles (Sudden, by Kvadrat). The decorative task was performed by the geometric patterns of the materials that go from the floor to the ceiling, drawing a texture.

Photo credit: Simona Strozz