Location | Roma
Date | 2015
Client | Tina Vannini
Design | Devoto Design

Margutta is a place where the vocation connected to the Italian food tradition meets the international inspiration of contemporary art. These two souls create a polyhedric atmosphere that has always  distinguished the Margutta and has made it a remarkable restaurant for the Rome and Italian scene.

Devoto took care of the restyling of the entire place, created 30 years ago by Claudio Devoto himself.

The concept of this restaurant is green in all its features, thanks to its reference figures, Tina and Claudio Vannini, owners of the restaurant and soul of the Project Margutta.  The project focuses on the definition of the main points displaced in the layout of the restaurant, through an operation of a specific zoning. The foyer reflects the reception process – a big multicolour sofa, a flowerbed, a little bookcase with art books and the introduction to the ongoing exhibitions welcome the customers and give them a total experience, far from the traditional concept of food service. The path, the promenade, is articulated with the presence of art pieces – it distributes the customers flow and prospectively opens to the space. The bio-bar accompanies this path – a big counter equipped with technologies and its back counter also furnish the exhibition area.  Two big social tables in solid wood surrounded byAloe andCheope stools by Billiani occupy the middle of the room. The real protagonists are the green carpets: metal trellis frames fixed to the ceiling, supporting the suspended gardens that express the natural, fresh and lively core of the Margutta.

The rest of the reception area is equipped with different size tables, Aloechairs (Billiani)  and built-to-drawing sofas.  Every furniture piece like the living room pieces, the flower beds, the technologies consolle for the brunch was built-to-drawing. To complete it all, we haveAli e Babà (Karman)  lamps in white ceramic.

The chosen material were: solid wood, laminates with tridimensional texture, powder-painted metal and white Corian®. Devoto took care of the design, the engineering, the production, the purchase of commercial components, the site direction and the installation. Presently,  the project for the Margutta franchising is being developed.

Photo credit: courtesy of Margutta ownership