Location | Roma
Date | 2010
Client | Famiglia O.
Design | Alvisikirimoto + Partners 

Bespoke luxury furnishings

Luxury furniture means paying the utmost attention to detail, knowing the best raw materials on the market and knowing how to work and transform them into unique pieces of furniture.

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The concept of Casa-O. (House-O.) is about a linear design, richness of details and a high level of complexity.

The layout of this total milk-white house consists of a big multitask furniture piece entirely built-to-drawing, that floats in the space. This volume in Cor-ten, lacquered wood and back lacquered glass, is made of hollow open spaces and containing elements with finishes and materials that create tridimensionality and generate different tactile sensations.

Devoto took care of these finishes and materials: the Cor-ten itself was worked in the company plant and oxidized through a self-managed process with the purpose of getting the colour established by the designers. This material is the contaminating element of the entire house and it is to be found in different details on the white vertical surfaces and on the floor-to-ceiling doors.

An interesting operation from an architectural and production point of view is represented by the bathrooms: they are both made of coloured Solid Surface, with material continuity. One of the bathrooms has a fluid black and white design: there is a DuPont™Corian® ribbon that comes vertically down and becomes the wall cladding, the washbasin and stretches sinuously on until it shapes the bath too.  Devoto vacuum-formed the Solid Surface elements through the use of purpose-built moulds and installed them on-site with proper glue and the invisible welding technique.

 Photo credit: Anna Galante, courtesy of  Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners