Location | Saint Petersburg 
Date | 2013
Client | Exclusiva Design
Design | Fabio Mazzeo – Exclusiva Design

Designed by Exclusiva Design, Devoto took care of the engineering, production and installation of this highly customized furniture. Devoto supplied the furniture for the direction offices, the reception areas, the green rooms and the ancillary spaces of the Gazprom headquarters. Devoto realized the conference and meeting rooms too. The technological tables are characterized by the rosewood veneer painted ad hoc, supermirror stainless steel, backlit glass and mirrors.

The wall cladding was realized according to the doors that are flush to the wall. From a decorative point of view there are some stainless steel elements and leather elements that reproduce the skyline of Saint Petersburg in the meeting room.

Photo credit: Massimo Camplone, courtesy of Exclusiva Design