Location | Roma
Date | 2013
Client | Bocca di Dama Srl
Design | Dettagli architettura e servizi

Bocca di Dama is a project of confectionery and culinary culture that aims at mixing the gastronomic tradition with the contemporary food Avant-guard. The result is a lovely place, familiar and refined at the same time, where food is cured from an aesthetic point of view too, and the Corporate involves every aspect, from the fit-out to the packaging.

The interiors were designed and realized starting from these considerations: natural and authentic materials match a design that evocates the French patisserie, thanks to moulded timber and decorated cement, but also celebrates the artisan laboratory.

The place was furnished with a counter opposite the entrance, a reception area and a mezzanine, accessible from a staircase bordered by a floor-to-ceiling shelves system. The core of the material choice joins elmwood and raw iron, while all the decorative strength is given through the fit-out and the accessories.

Photo credit: Devoto