Devoto Design Industry 4.0: the digital transformation has started

Devoto Design Industry 4.0: the digital transformation has started

Devoto Design Industry 4.0: since the first steps in our little craft shop, we have never stopped innovating our processes. Methodology, standards, organization, together with curiosity, entrepreneurship, love for design, study, research and experimentation: these are the qualities that have always marked our company.


That’s why we decided to start a process of digital transformation through which we can implement the Industry 4.0 enabling technologies such as IoT, Big Data & Data AnalyticsArtificial intelligenceMachine Learning.

Devoto Design Industria 4.0: reducing the dispersion of energy

Our goal is quite challenging because we aim at improving our digital processes to foster greater integration among our company departments, but not only that. By improving the company processes, in fact, we hope to reduce waste and scraps and to optimize production time and resources.

The project of innovation and training has started

Thanks to the consultancy of Marco Catalani (Res Nova Consulting), we have drawn up a roadmap of the 4.0 innovation and training project that will start in the next months.

“As is”: …from the current digitalization

  • SCREENING of the company processes currently running
  • MAPPING of the hardware and software technologies that every single process is associated to

“To be”: …to the digital strategy of tomorrow

  • DIGITAL STRATEGY: after an in-depth analysis, after interviewing the company management and the Process Owners, we will define and design our new digital strategy
  • SCOUTING ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES: once the path we want to follow is defined, we will look for the available enabling technologies that will help us optimize and digitalize our processes. Then the budget and milestones for achieving the result will be defined too

Question time: do you know where the term “Industry 4.0” comes from?

The term “Industry 4.0” comes from the industrial plan of the German government (proposed in 2011 and implemented in 2013), that involved “investments in infrastructures, schools, energy systems, research institutions and companies in order to modernize the German production system and bring the German manufacture back to the top of the world, making it competitive on a global scale again.” (source: wikipedia)

Devoto Design Industry 4.0: Let the training begin!

We are ready to move forwards and offer our services and expertise to a bigger and global audience thanks to the use of enabling technologies.

So we wish our employees and workers a good journey towards the future!

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