Devoto Design and Build: exclusiveness, elegance, originality… this is Caviar Milano

Devoto Design and Build: How to turn an ecommerce website into a real shop? Today we’ll talk about this exclusive food project for which Devoto Design has taken care of all the process steps: from the first analysis to the delivery of all furniture


“THE DESIGN OF FOOD PLACES and the development of Design and Build projects are not really our cup of tea, they cannot be considered our core business, but we like them, and they’re good for us. They let our creative side loose, they help us have a say about the ultimate design trends and put them at our clients’ service and needs. Double happy to have done it in Milan, the Italian city of design” (Marianna Devoto, Architect & CCO)

How to turn an online shop into a real shop

This project was born out of the need of turning into real shops the two renowned online shops Caviar Milan and Saffron Milan specialized in selling the refined Iranian Beluga caviar and the well-known Persian saffron, both run by the Italian entrepreneur Rosario Bellantoni, a dear friend of Devoto Design.

For Caviar Milano, then, we developed a Design and Build project that included all the steps of its realization: from the first analysis to the delivery of all furniture.

CAVIAR MILANO is located on a  central street of Milan exposed to a great number of passers-by during the whole day. The shop is not big in plan but it has a large window facing the street. The idea, then, was that of enhancing the entrance, the sign and the window and let them be able to communicate the offer of  the shop and lure clients in. (Carolina Nazianzeno, Designer)

Devoto Design and Build: we start with the analysis..

First thing our design team analyzed the offered products in detail: their identity, how to preserve them, how to display them, their positioning in terms of the brand offer.

All these details were essential to conceive the kind of “frame” the products needed in a real shop outside the context of the online shop.

So we focused on the layout, the style, the furnishings and the positioning of the exclusive products that brought the online shops to success.

… and we finish with the delivery of all furnishings

The shop is characterized by a big display counter dedicated to caviar – leading product of Caviar Milano –  and by a floor-to-ceiling cabinet for the display of saffron.

Extremely scenographic, saffron is sold in crystal jars. This product doesn’t need to be refrigerated so it is perfect to become itself  an element of decoration of the shop.

Caviar, on the other hand, being the leading product of Caviar Milano, was treated like the main character on stage. It markes the identity and the name of the shop and it brings along a flavour of exclusiveness and luxury. This product needs to be kept cool, so we decided to display it in a dedicated fridge in the shop.

An open-plan laboratory

The possibility to see the freshness, delicacy and exclusiveness of caviar is the main feature of the shop. That’s why we designed an open-plan laboratory where the quality of the product throughout all the steps of its preparation is always visible.

A corner dedicated to tasting

To complete the offer of Caviar Milano we find Champagne, that perfectly matches both these exclusive products.

The interior designers at Devoto decided to reserve a small area of the shop to the tasting of the products, to let clients get to know them and taste their combination with champagne.

An original layout for exclusive products: this is Devoto Design and Build

Devoto Design offered the client three different kinds of layout to choose among. Once he picked the one that best fitted his tastes and needs, our design team started working together with him to find the most suitable appliances and accessories and define all the details and finishes of the furniture.


“WORKING AT THE REALIZATION OF CAVIAR MILANO in a relaxed mood, characterized by a constant and serene exchange of ideas and points of view with the client is the best you can ask for. Especially when we’re talking about Design and Build projects where Devoto Design takes care of all the steps: from the concept idea and the management and supervision of the construction works to the delivery of all furnishings and accessories. In cases like this it is the cooperation and proactivity of all professionals involved that makes a difference.” (Marianna Devoto, Architect & CCO)


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