“Anteprima” Hong Kong Boutique interior design

 “Anteprima” Hong Kong boutique: a little story of Interior Design

Devoto Design has recently delivered the interior design project of the brand new Anteprima APM store in Hong Kong. A project that saw us involved in the design phase only. 

A DESIGN PROJECT FOR WOMEN of all ages thanks to a furnishing style that claims to be deliberately timeless and detached from the present.

A trustworthy and co-operative relationship

In 2022 we had already delivered the Anteprima WB store in Rome, in the renowned via del Babuino, a store dedicated to the sale of the iconic Anteprima wirebags. This project laid the foundations for a trustworthy relationship that led Anteprima to request our services again for the design of the new Hong Kong store.

“WE ARE SO PROUD of Anteprima choosing us again for the design of their Hong Kong APM store. Having established a trustworthy and co-operative relationship with them makes it possible for us to work in a calm environment and to turn their needs in ideas first and then into spaces”   (Marianna Devoto, Chief Marketing and sales officer)

The design of the “Anteprima” Hong Kong Boutique: an elegant and functional layout

Unlike the Rome project, where we took care of the manufacturing and installation of all furnishings, for this Hong Kong project the client decided to use local manufactures. This meant we focus exclusively on the development of the interior design. In fact, we took the chance to explore new creative possibilities and to test our concept and preliminary design skills.

The Hong Kong boutique is specifically an APM store, a different format from that of Rome, with bigger exhibition spaces and different display needs. We imagined a perimeter exhibition path that consists of a raised floor that runs along the walls onto which we put different hanging systems and overlapping display islands. This solution offers a tidy but also welcoming layout where apparel and accessories are the real protagonists of the whole exhibition.


Materials and colours: the essence of design

The choice of materials and colours plays a fundamental role in the style of the store. A big rose bronze volume and scattered display islands in the same shade are characterized by mirroring surfaces that give an elegant tone to the boutique and easily catch the customers’ eye. Hanging systems in bronze perfectly match the soft colours of the walls – light pink and white – and also the stone of the display cylinders that can be found in the shopping windows.

THE ANTEPRIMA COLLECTIONS are made of timeless, refined and long-lasting products dedicated to the modern woman. That’s why our idea was that of making the product the real protagonist of the store. We opted for a monochromatic and minimalist style and we conceived adaptable furnishings and a fluid and dynamic set-up that can be easily adapted to the ever-changing needs of the client, of the collections and of the products. (Carolina, designer) 

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