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Anteprima Boutique Restyling: from the concept design to the fit-out of the store

Anteprima Boutique Restyling: today we’ll talk about the refurbishing works we have just completed in the store located in the heart of Rome in the renowned via del Babbuino. But let’s start from the beginning..  


In 2012 we had already worked for the brand “Anteprima”, taking care of the fit-out works of the store. The design was Yuko Nagayama & Associates’. This time, though, Devoto Design was asked to be a General Contractor and to take care of the Concept design as well as all the construction and fit-out works.

Anteprima store: a little craftsmanship museum

The request of the client for the new store was that of “re-thinking” the space and furnish it with “simple” furniture that could easily be moved and placed according to the ever-chainging needs. New store is in fact meant to be temporary.

The Concept design our team came up with aims at adding value to the Anteprima products by enhancing their uniqueness and craftsmanship nature. As you can see, the exhibition setup is conceived to display the products as if they were contemporary art pieces to catch the eye of the passers-by.

THE EXPERIENCE OF THE CLIENTS WHO ENTER ANTEPRIMA should be similar to those who enter an art museum..

Boutique restyling: where the concept design idea comes from

The concept design of the boutique takes cues from the woman collection of the brand Anteprima itself, characterized by minimal lines and rich textures. Among the goals of our team – beside the main one of creating an identifiable and identifying style for the brand – we have:

  • CELEBRATION of the space. The idea of creating a museum-like display of the products comes from the presence of two archways and is carried out by the decision to have free-standing product displays.  Thanks to this approach, it was possible to meet the client’s expectation to have an adjustable fit-out and moveble furnishings.
  • FLEXIBILITY and minimal approach: the fit-out design is given through minimal displays that give the right credit and space to the products.
  • AFFINITY: the furniture and the displayed products speak the same language and grant a consistency of style between the content and the container.

Our design team conceived a design with an exclusive but not elitist style. A design with an international flavour and a “local” soul that can be seen in the choice of materials and essences.

A DESIGN FOR WOMEN of all ages, a timeless furnishing style that doesn’t want to be linked to the present.

If you look at the decorative millings on the front of the counter, you’ll get an idea of the care our design team took of all details. Specifically, these millings quote the shape of the two archways in the store, they recall the nature of the store.

WE DESIGNED THIN AND SCENOGRAPHY METAL DISPLAYS that we placed throughout the store to create a specific path. The style of these elements juxtaposes to the solid and monolithic shape of the counter and cabinets. (Carolina, Designer at Devoto Design who developed the concept design)

Devoto Design Team for Anteprima

All our teams took part in the realization of this project, starting from the Devoto Designing team:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Manufacturing

Our design approach helped us conceive and produce all the furnishings by identifying from the beginning the right materials and fabrication techniques that could better meet the client’s expectations and needs.

Last but not least, thanks to the optimization of the design project, Devoto Design was able to give the client a highly realistic view of their investment and make sure that their budget was not exceeded. This is one of the Devoto consultancy services that is most requested.

BEING a GENERAL CONTRACTOR means you have to manage all the parties involved in the project, bring them together, grant a clear and efficient communication and comply with the deadlines. It means we are the client’s only interface and interlocutor and we take care of all the interior fittings and supplies, for a 360° service.  (Marianna Devoto, Sales Director and architect).

Anteprima Boutique Restyling

Here you can see some pictures that retrace the steps of the project: from the concept design to the engineering, to the production and installation 


Revamping a space doesn’t only mean giving it a more modern and newer style, it means the company identity should be translated into all the visual elements and details.

If you need a restyling, get in touch!

Our team is ready to help you find the best solution for you.


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