Location | Roma
Date | 2014
Client | Soul Movie Entertainment s.r.l.
Design | Brain Factory

The concept for the new Headquarters of the audio-visual production and post-production company Soul Movie Entertainment focuses on a strong urban identity with a pop inspiration. The project is a perfect formula of architecture, design and graphics – every single discipline gives its contribution to the project, confronting the others in a harmonious way.

The idea of the designers puts the different levels of the building into such a deep connection that Brain Factory said that “conceptually, it looks like a meteor that crashed the ground floor and invaded the lower one, drawing new tridimensional scenic sets”.

Entering the place, you are welcomed by the red-lacquered hull of the spaceship that bears the logo of the company. Every detail was studied and realized consistently with the concept of a sub-urban set – the grass mowed flush to the floor and the floating lighting elements suspended at different inclinations express great dynamism and lead the guests through space.

Photo credit: courtesy of Brain Factory,  Marco Marotto