Location | Latina
Date | 2013
Client | Saip Form s.r.l.
Design | Devoto

SAIP is an Italian company, leader in the Training Course world. The owners’ needs have outlined, together with the designers, the key points of the image of the headquarters and of the new quarters: essentiality, identity, flexibility.

The furniture is characterized by surfaces and volumes paired according to their tangency and differentiated by a chromatic game of lacquering, according to the company palette: white, red and anthracite grey. All the workstations allow the access of the cables and flexible use, according to the configuration of the area, always changing and dynamic as SAIP is. The technical seats of the operators are paired with wooden Doll by Billiani chairs for the guests.

The project also included the exhibition of contemporary artworks in the common areas (in this picture, RGB by Marco Pantaleoni).

Photo credit: Devoto