Location | Velletri (Italia)
Date | 2017
Client | Famiglia Colò
Design | Devoto Design

The restyling of this store was about the optimization of a place in the historic town centre that was given this function about 30 years ago by a famous jewelers family.

The architectural bonds of this location have outlined a well-defined design path:  the small-sized open space with a height of about 6 meters, in fact,  has directed us to develop the space vertically. The exaltation of a progressive verticality from the entrance hall to the upper floor was combined with the concept of the “inhabited wall”, typical of the great historical town walls. The outcome is a place where the upper floor and ground floor shape up in a fluid way, through a process of material and chromatic rarefaction that starts from the anthracite marble flooring of the ground floor up to the ivory-coloured cladding.

The shop windows are volumes built into the thick wall, texturized with engravings that create a graphic rhythm, thanks to which invisible containers and service drawers have been inserted. The surfaces of the furniture are made of Cleaf® with two decorative nuances, while the window block where the entrance door is also inserted is made of shotgun grey metal and extra-clear glass, to obtain a visual focus on the product.  Lastly, a combined lighting system results in a light comfort solution for the sales area, while guaranteeing the necessary visibility to all the products.

For this Design&Build project, Devoto design took care of the entire creative and manufacturing process.