Location | Roma
Date | 2007
Client | Intermetro S.p.a.
Design |Studio Lococo

The underground station Manzoni, called “Manzoni-Museo della Liberazione” is conceptually the prototype of the new spaces of the underground of Rome.

Innovation, besides the project of signage accessible to every language and a path for the handicapped, concerns the use of solid surface as the cladding material of all the gallery. Corian® was press-curved and coupled with an iron structure that encircles one side of it, in order to respect the Fire-resistance laws.  This solid surface side was treated with ad hoc sanding techniques that, eliminating its surface porosity, made it resistant to dirt absorption. The great advantage of Corian® is its restorability: a light sanding can solve the problems caused by indecision and scratches. Besides, Devoto together with a skilled chemical partner developed a specific anti-graffiti product for the material used.

Photo credit: Zeno Colantoni

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