Location | Sabaudia (Latina)
Date | 2011
Client | Astim s.r.l.
Design | Fabio Gnessi Architetto

Paradisi boutique got its own design idea by the location that surrounds it: one of the main historical buildings in the town of Sabaudia, which has been part of the urban and architectural experiments of the Rationalism. The interiors of the boutique match this architecture, and were the result of a research run by architect Fabio Gnessi that led him to the combination of traditional techniques for the woodworking on one side, and innovative materials and contemporary technologies on the other. No doubt, the effect is elegant and harmonious.

The shell was partly clad with soft surfaces: from the tatami of the floor to the leather of the cabinets, from the velvet of the tables to the textile of the walls. Surfaces are mainly in wood, but they differ from the woodworking technique and from the finishing of the surface – for instance, look at the pieces of furniture that were hand-decorated with the maps of the town.

Paradisi boutique is characterized by a high level of customization – just think that all the accessories, such as the hanging systems and the handles, the shelf supports and the ladders to access the upper side of the cabinets, were especially designed and produced and tailor-made for this store.

Photo credit: Paolo Petrignani, courtesy of Studio Gnessi